Grab The Yamaha FX370C Electro Acoustic Guitar it’s a gem!

Yamaha FX370C

The Yamaha FX370C is a jaw droppingly good electro acoustic guitar!

If the headlines are to be believed then you need to forget electric and go acoustic.  However, if you fancy yourself a bit of an Ed Sheeran or want to gig, where a straight acoustic may well be drowned out, then you need an acoustic that can be amped up.  Step forward the Yamaha FX370C electro acoustic guitar, a beautiful guitar at a jaw dropping price.

Yamaha FX370C – The lowdown

First up, the guitar is an absolute beauty!  As you would expect from Yamaha, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world, the Yamaha FX370C is a quality guitar.  The body of the guitar is a mix of spruce (top) and nato (sides and back) and has a beautiful cut-out which allows easy access to the upper frets.  Why is this important, well if you are looking to reach the upper frets of the neck then this is very difficult without a cutaway.  For me this is an important feature for an acoustic guitar.  However, with some acoustic guitars the cutaway looks to have been almost an after thought but for the Yamaha FX370C it is part of the aesthetic.

The 20 fret neck is made from nato topped off with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard.  The scale length of the guitar is 25 inches (634 mm) which means that, with a slightly shorter length, the strings are at a lower tension which is helpful for a leaner as the strings will be easier to fret and bend.  A shorter scale length neck is also easier if you have smaller hands, ideal for children for example.

All looks good so far but hang on a minute…

The Yamaha FX370C is an electro-acoustic guitar!

Yamaha FX370C

The Yamaha FX370C is fitted with a piezo pickup and pre-amp with 3 band EQ for tonal control.

This is no ordinary acoustic this is an electro acoustic which means if you want to gig and you want to play an acoustic you are going to have to amp it up.  With the Yamaha FX370C it comes fully rigged to plug and play.  For me this is a real plus of this guitar.  You have the beautiful acoustic sound, which is truly beautiful, and then you can amp it up.  This delivers a huge degree of flexibility at a price that is truly impressive.

The Yamaha FX370C features a Yamaha custom piezo pickup system and pre-amp for natural, expressive sound and stage-ready control.  The Yamaha pick up system allows for simple amplification but giving maximum control with a top side-mounted control panel with 3 band EQ, an adjustable midrange frequency control and master volume.

Yamaha FX370C

The battery compartment for the pre-amp is neatly sited under the neck joint.

Controls for the under bridge mounted piezo pickup are mounted on the instrument’s side for optimum access.
The battery compartment for the pre-amp is also located on the side, close to the neck, to provide easy replacement.

What does the Yamaha FX370C sound like?

Unplugged the Yamaha FX370C has a clean crisp sound with plenty of volume.  Sometimes with cheaper acoustic guitars the sound can be quite tinny and soulless but this is certainly not the case with this guitar.  All the way up the neck there is a clean sound with no fret buzz.  All in all the guitar ticks all the boxes as an acoustic.

What about plugged in?

Well as an electro acoustic the sound is very good considering the price point of the guitar.  The pickup performs well and the pre-amp with 3 band EQ does a very good job.  We have heard better electro acoustic guitars but you will have to pay a lot, lot more for the benefit.

Is the Yamaha FX370C a good guitar?

In conclusion yes this is a very good electro-acoustic guitar.  The build quality is great, the acoustic sound is bold and punchy and when plugged in the electrics perform well.  All in all the Yamaha FX370C gets a thumbs up from us and scores an impressive 4.4 out of 5.

Check out the best price for this beautiful Yamaha electro-acoustic guitar.

 Yamaha FX370C
Yamaha FX370C
BodyTop - Spruce
Sides and back - Nato
Frets20 frets
Neck ShapeSlim Taper
Scale length634 mm (25")
Nut width43 mm
TunersDie Cast Chrome
PickupSystem 58 - Active 3 band EQ with AMF and volume
Recommended retail price£265
  • Build Quality
  • Playability
  • Sound Quality
  • Value for money
User Review
3 (20 votes)

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