Yamaha F310 – Acoustic bestseller but is it a winner?

The Yamaha F310 is the UKs best-selling budget acoustic guitar so I wanted to give it a test to see why and, I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Let’s face it you know where you are with a Yamaha. They seem to be able to consistently produce top quality guitars at amazing prices.  Take the Yamaha Pacifica range as a very good example.  This is a range of excellent quality super strat style guitars which delivers everything that you would want at a very good price.

The question is can they do the same thing with their acoustic guitars.

Well I have to say that there is no difference with their acoustic guitar range. The attention to detail, build quality, playability and sound quality is as good as it is in their electric guitar range.  The question is does the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar tick all the right boxes.  It is a decent looking guitar with no frills, which is what you would expect at this price point, but what is it like to play?

What should you expect from the Yamaha F310?

Yamaha F310

We love the neck of the Yamaha F310. It is a dream to play.

The body of the Yamaha F310 is made from a combination of good quality but economical tone woods. The sides and back use locally sourced tonewoods which is essentially whatever wood they have available when the guitars are constructed.  If you check the Yamaha website it states that as part of their sustainability strategy various tonewoods aare used dependent upon availability.  This I think is to be applauded as we are all for the use of sustainable wood in our guitars.

The top of the guitar is made from a great looking piece of Spruce.  Spruce is the wood of choice for the resonant top portion of the guitar due to its excellent tonal properties so it is good to see this wood being used in the F310.

The neck is, like the body, made from locally sourced tonewoods and the 20 fret fingerboard is Rosewood.  The neck itself is a nice neck to play on. The profile is fairly slim and the scale length is slightly shorter at 634 mm.  This means that the frets are placed slightly closer together which makes it ideal for the beginner guitarist who is trying to break their hands in gently.

Perhaps the only issue is access to the upper frets which will always be restricted on an acoustic guitar without a Venetian cut-away.  So if you are one of those acoustic guitarists who likes to whizz up and down the fretboard then the Yamaha F310 is probably not a good option.

The bridge of the guitar is cut from rosewood and you have bulk standard chrome effect tuners.

What is the Yamaha F310 like to play?

Yamaha F310

The build quality of the Yamaha F310 cannot be faulted.

Playing the Yamaha F310 is a pleasure. The tone that comes from the guitar is well balanced, bright and responsive.  You can play far more expensive acoustics and not get a better sound which is always a good sign.

As I have already mentioned the neck is a nice neck to play.  The thing I like about the Yamaha F series acoustics is that the necks have matt finishes.  It might be personal taste but I just find it easier to play a neck with a matt finish.  My hand seems to slide more easily on a matt neck and I don’t get such sweaty hands.  If you don’t suffer from sweaty hands then this is not something that is going to bother you too much but gloss necks just seem to bring out the sweats and matt necks just don’t!  Now that I have totally grossed you all out with my sweaty hands on with the review.

The shortened scale length on the neck means that some of the more challenging chords are easier to play. There is minimal fret buzz and the action is at a good height which again is a good thing for the beginner guitarist.  I would have to say that there is not much that I can fault with the overall playability and feel of the Yamaha F310.

In terms of build quality the Yamaha F310 gets a big thumbs up from us. Often with guitars at this price point you can see some sloppy construction techniques but the guitar we played was pretty much faultless.

So what do we think of the Yamaha F310?

In conclusion the Yamaha F310 is a good acoustic guitar. It is well built with excellent attention to quality and detail.  It plays very well, sounds good and looks good so the Yamaha F310 gets a thumbs up from me.  I can see why it is such a big seller!

Click to find the best price for the Yamaha F310.

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Yamaha F310
BodyTop - Spruce
Sides and back - Locally sourced tonewood
NeckLocally sourced tonewood
Frets20 frets
Neck ShapeSlim Taper
Fingerboard radiusR400 mm (15 3/4")
Scale length634 mm (25")
Nut width43 mm
TunersDie Cast Chrome
Recommended retail price£150
  • Build Quality
  • Playability
  • Sound Quality
  • Value for money

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