What do you get a Guitarist for Christmas?

Oh hell it is that time of year and all of a sudden you have to start getting Christmas presents for all your friends and family.  There is all the frantic buying and wrapping to look forward to but before you get to that the question you have to answer is what do you get a guitarist for Christmas?  Well fear not here at Top-Guitars we have come up with a few suggestions.

Guitar Starter Packs

Encore Guitar Starter Pack

Guitar starter packs are a great place to start for an inexpensive entrance to a life long hobby.

Christmas is a great time if you are looking to buy a guitar for a child who is keen to learn how to play.  Often the retailers have some great Christmas offers for new guitarists with great value guitar starter packs.  A guitar starter pack is a great place to start with someone who wants to learn to play the guitar as it provides everything that they will need to get them started.  Guitar starter packs usually include a guitar and amplifier as well as guitar strings a lead to connect up to the amp and other assorted goodies such as instructional guides.  The benefit of the guitar starter pack is that they are relatively inexpensive so if the novice guitarist tries it out and actually finds they don’t enjoy learning how to play then you have not invested a lot of money in an expensive guitar and amplifier.  Obviously the guitar itself will be of a relatively cheap construction but the ones that we have tested have all included good quality playable guitars.  Bear in mind that the guitar will not be something that will last their entire playing life but if they progress then they can easily upgrade to a more expensive guitar at a later stage.  All in all a guitar starter pack makes for a great Christmas gift for the new guitarist and you can pick up some great packs for under £150 which represents great value for money.

To read our reviews of some of the best guitar starter packs out on the market check out our article great value guitar starter packs for under £150.

What do you buy a guitarist for Christmas - Rocksmith 2014

The Rocksmith 2014 guitar starter pack is the gift for Christmas 2013.

However, for me the best value guitar starter pack that you can get is the Rocksmith 2014 guitar starter pack.  The reason I think this is a great buy for Christmas is that you get a brilliant guitar tutor in the form of Rocksmith 2014 to read more about Rocksmith 2014 read our recent article Pre-order Rocksmith 2014.  With the Rocksmith 2014 starter pack you also get an excellent Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar.  Epiphone make top quality, but affordable guitars, and are part of the US based Gibson Guitar company.  Gibson are world famous for their Les Paul and SG Guitars which are the guitars of choice for some of the greatest guitarists to have ever graced the planet with their talent.  Think of rock music and Gibson guitars are one of the pillars on which rock was built!  So with Epiphone you know you are getting a great guitar.  The combination of Rocksmith 2014 and the Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar makes this a great starter pack for any novice guitarist.  In fact this would be my top choice of gift if you are stuck with what to buy a guitarist for Christmas.  You can pick up the Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Epiphone Les Paul Guitar from Amazon for £159.99.

What if you are looking to buy a good quality guitar rather than a starter pack.  Where do you start?

If you are looking to buy a guitar for your guitar mad loved one then the choice is bewildering.  Guitars come in all shapes and sizes and can cost from as little as £60 to over £5000.  Our aim at top-guitars is to review as many guitars as possible to help you make an informed choice of which guitar to buy.  To read all of the guitars that we have reviewed to date you can go to our archive page which you might find useful. But if you are on a budget and you want to buy your loved one a guitar that stands the test of time then you could do worse than the one below.

Squier StratocasterThe Affinity Series Squier Stratocaster represents an excellent value starter guitar but we think that it will be a guitar that will continue to satisfy long after other starter guitars will have been sold.  The Stratocaster is a classic rock guitar, it is versatile and robust enough to deliver the goods whether you play rock, blues, country or jazz.  At just £164 through Gear 4 Music this is a fantastic value starter guitar.  You can read our full review of the Affinity Series Squier Stratocaster by clicking on the link.



What do you get a guitarist for Christmas if they are learning to play guitar?

Learning to play the guitar can be a daunting experience.  Many new guitarists give up within a few months of buying a guitar because their progress has not kept up with their dreams and expectations.  Don’t forget the guitar is a technically difficult instrument to learn.  However, don’t despair there are a number of great options out there and they make excellent gifts when considering what to get a guitarist for Christmas.  Our first top tip is to take a look at Jam Play.  Jam Play is an online guitar tuition programme but that is to understate how good it is.  Jam Play have been around since 2007 and have over a quarter of a million subscribers.  If you become a member you have access to nearly 4000 guitar lessons covering the basics through to more advanced guitar techniques.  You can learn to play rock, blues, metal, country, in fact whatever music style you love you can learn to play it with Jam Play.  Jam Play is a subscriber service but if you are struggling with what to buy a guitarist for Christmas then a gift card for one months membership costs only $19.95 which represents excellent value when compared to traditional guitar lessons.  To read a fuller review of Jam Play check out our article Learn to Play Guitar With Jam Play where we look at what you get for your money.

As already discussed above the Rocksmith 2014 starter pack represents excellent value for money if you are looking to buy a guitar as well as tuition.  However, if you already have a guitar but want to learn how to get better than Rocksmith 2014 is a great tuition programme.  Rocksmith is an innovative guitar game which teaches you how to play the guitar in a fun interactive way.  Rocksmith 2014 is the latest edition and it has been greatly improved with some amazing new features.  If you or the person you are buying a gift want to learn to play guitar then Rocksmith 2014 is a great gift.

Great Guitar Stocking Fillers

Much of what you can buy for a guitarist is quite expensive but there are some low cost options which are still essential must haves for the guitarist in your life.  If you are struggling then think of things like guitar straps, strings and plectrums all can be purchased at a relatively low price and make excellent gifts.  Other great gifts include capos, finger trainers guitar stands, practice amps and tuners.  If you are looking for help with what to chose then go to our guitar gear pages and you should be able to find some inspiration there that will fit most budgets.

So that it is our quick review of some guitar related presents.  We hope that this has provided a little bit of inspiration if you are stuck with what do you get a guitarist for Christmas.



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