Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM

Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDM

If you are looking for an extreme guitar which is going to give you crunching rhythm and searing lead tones then the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDM is a great option.

If you are looking for an extreme guitar then the 29 fret, 7 string Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM may be the guitar for you.

Way back in February 2014 we posted a review of the latest addition to the Washburn Parallaxe series the Parallaxe PXS29FRT. In the constant quest for something new to offer to guitarists the designers at Washburn had managed to introduce a 29 fret neck!  Yes you saw that right, not happy with 22 or 24 frets, Washburn can now give you 29 frets.  However, never happy to rest on their laurels Washburn have created the ultimate monster guitar; the 29 fret seven string Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM!

So what can you expect from the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM?

Much like its smaller brother the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM is a high specification instrument. The body is a double cut-away strat style design hewn from a solid piece of swamp ash.  The monster neck is a maple set in style neck with an ebony fingerboard.  The set in neck, it is claimed, gives a warmer tone and better access to the upper frets, which is what you need if you are going to take full advantage of the Washburns 29 frets.

Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDM

With a Floyd Rose 1000 and Seymour Duncan pickups the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDM is a shredders dream guitar!

In terms of electrics the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM is equipped with two different sets of Seymour Duncan pickups. The Seymour Duncan SSL5-7 single coil pickup is situated in the neck position and there is a Seymour Duncan TB6B humbucker situated at the bridge. The SSL5-7 pickup provides a vintage tone that has ample amounts of sustain and full sounding harmonics.  The SSL5-7 is designed with a specially overwound single coil to deliver big, fat chords that can cut through the mix with clarity. The TB-6B is designed to yield high outputs with a massive ceramic magnet and hot coil winding to deliver tremendous power and raw distortion with an aggressive tone.  This is the ideal pickup for drop tunings and playing styles that incorporate hard, crunchy rhythms and searing lead tones.  The pickups can be accessed through a 3 way toggle switch and there are mastere volume and tone controls.

In terms of hardware the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM is fitted with a Floyd Rose 1000 vibrato with oversized brass block and spring silencers.  The guitar has black chrome Grove Exclusive 18:1 tuners and includes the Buzz Feiten tuning system giving superior tuning stability and intonation.

Overall this is an amazing guitar with a very high specification. But it needs to be to justify the near £1200 price tag.  If you are serious about your guitar playing and are looking to extend the range of your playing, which a seven string 29 fret guitar can offer, then the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM is a guitar you will want to try.

To find out more about the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM visit the Washburn site.

If you like the look of the Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM then you can order it today through Gear 4 Music.

 Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM
Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDSAM Guitar
BodySwamp Ash
BridgeFloyd Rose 1000 with 36 mm brass block and spring silencer
Frets29 frets
Nut width48 mm
Scale length648 mm (25.5")
Bridge pickupSeymour Duncan TB6B Humbucker
Neck pickupSeymour Duncan SSL5-7 single coil
Pickup switching3 way toggle switch
Controls1 volume and 1 tone knob
HardwareBlack Chrome Grover exclusive 18:1
If you love this guitar order it through:Gear 4 Music

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Washburn Parallaxe PXS29-7FRDM
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