Washburn HB32 DM Hollow Body Guitar

Washburn HB32 DM

The Washburn HB32 DM really is a great looking hollow body guitar for an amazing price.

We have been writing about great guitars for well over a year now and realised that we had not reviewed any hollow body guitars in that time.  So to put that right we have taken a quick look at the Washburn HB32 DM hollow body guitar.

Washburn have a long tradition of making great looking and sounding guitars.  Established in Chicago in 1883 they became popular within the Blues scene due to the influx of Southern Delta Blues musicians to the area in the 1920s.  The Washburn factory was situated just a few blocks from the Maxwell Street corridor an area with a burgeoning blues scene.  Many of the blues musicians played the bars in Maxwell Street at night and worked in the Washburn factory during the day.  Thus Washburn guitars gained a strong foothold amongst blues musicians and became a part of the Chicago Blues sound.

So why choose a hollow body guitar?

Hollow body guitars, because of the way they are constructed, are lighter and more resonant than their solid body counterparts.  This gives rise to a mellower sound which lends itself well to Jazz and Blues.

The Washburn HB32 DM hollow body guitar features a double cut-away with a solid mahogany centre block which gives greater sustain.  The additional benefit of having a solid mahogany centre block is that it reduces the susceptibility of the guitar to feedback at high volumes.  One of the problems with early hollow body models is that when amplified and at high volume they would often feedback.  Hollow body manufacturers found that by introducing a solid block of wood, that ran along the middle of the guitar, reduced the feedback problem and gave greater sustain.

The body of the Washburn HB32 DM is all mahogany and as we have already said it features a solid mahogany centre block.  I have to say that I absolutely loved the look of this guitar.  The distressed mahogany finish really sets off the mahogany and gives the guitar a great vintage feel.  The neck is mahogany with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard and is nice and easy to play.

In terms of hardware the Washburn HB32 DM has two Washburn made humbuckers which are accessed through a three way toggle switch.  There are master volume and tone knobs for each of the pickups giving great tonal control.  All in all there is a lot of guitar here for the money.

Playing the guitar is brilliant, this really is one of those instruments which fits into the un-putdownable pigeon hole.  Because it is a hollow body it has a great acoustic tone and it really is nice to just be able to pick up a guitar and play it without feeling that you have to plug it in.  The acoustic tone is nice and rich and I have certainly heard worse from guitars which cost a lot more than this one.

Plugged in the Washburn HB32 DM has a warm and rich tone which sparkles when played clean.  Turning the volume up and injecting a little bit of distortion doesn’t seem to be a problem.  However, I would suggest that this is no rock/metal guitar as it started to struggle when the distortion was really cranked up.

To sum up I have to say that I have fallen in love with the Washburn HB32 DM.  The guitar plays well and looks absolutely great so if you are looking for a great value hollow body guitar then we suggest you give this one a go.

Check out the latest price for the Washburn HB32 DM

Washburn HB32 DM Hollow Body Guitar
BodyMahogany top, back and sides.
Frets22 frets
Nut width43 mm
Scale length24.75"
Bridge pickupWashburn Humbucker
Neck pickupWashburn Humbucker
Pickup switching3 way toggle switch
Controls2 volume and tone controls for each pick-up
HardwareGrover exclusive 18:1 distressed
Recommended retail price£329
If you love this guitarCheck out the latest price for the Washburn HB32 DM

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