Wallace Detroit Guitars Using wood from Chevrolet Plant to make a new range of Guitars

Wallace Detroit Guitars

If you want to own a unique piece of history then check out the limited edition range of guitars from Wallace Detroit Guitars

If you are a guitar playing petrol head then you will love the news that Wallace Detroit Guitars is using wood from Chevrolet plant to make a new range of guitars.

Wallace Detroit Guitars was formed in 2014 by Mark Wallace.  His idea was to use the reclaimed wood from demolished Detroit buildings to create a unique instrument with plenty of history.

The use of the reclaimed wood gives Wallace Detroit Guitars a unique sound as Mark Wallace explains.

“Houses built at that time used a significant amount of pine taken from old-growth forests. It is not possible to buy modern wood with this type of grain pattern. And the difference in the old growth wood grain is visible in every Guitar”.

He goes onto explain – “The old-growth wood was also air dried, which allowed crystal structures to form and separate from the pores in the wood. This gives the guitars a vintage sound, and allows them to vibrate more freely than modern guitars. As a result, the guitars have great sustain and tonal range”.

Chevrolet and Wallace Detroit Guitars are now collaborating to release a limited edition line of guitars made from long grain maple.  The maple is being sourced from GMs Fort Wayne based truck plant and marks the centenary of Chevy Trucks.

Mark Wallace explains “Chevrolet is a foundational element in the story of Detroit”.  As such using the wood from the Chevy truck plant was an opportunity to create a truly unique guitar.  Plus he added that the wood is “gorgeous” and provides a sound and feel “unlike any other instrument”.

The pictures of the initial limited edition instrument look amazing.  A Telecaster body made from laminated strips of maple looks stunning and the bespoke pickups crafted to resemble the iconic Chevrolet Truck 100th Anniversary Bowtie make this a truly unique collaboration.

To find out more about the collaboration visit the Wallace Detroit Guitars website.

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