V8 Kiesel Vader 8 String Headless Guitar

V8 Kiesel Vader

The V8 Kiesel Vader 8 string headless guitar is a truly amazing fully customisable guitar.

Frequent readers will know that I love Steinberger headless guitars.  I was therefore really interested to see that Kiesel guitars have introduced there own range of headless guitars which owe much to Steinberger.  However, with the V8 Kiesel Vader they have created a monster of a guitar worthy of the Vader name!

Kiesel and Carvin guitars have been making the highest quality guitars, basses pickups and guitar accessories for over 70 years.  Founded by Lowell C Kiesel in 1946 the company originally started producing and selling guitar pick-ups.  The company changed its name to Carvin, after his two sons Carson and Gavin, and started manufacturing guitars as well as pick-ups.  The aim of Kiesel was to produce custom guitars at an affordable price.  In this aim he was extremely successful.  Today Kiesel and Carvin guitars produce some of the most amazing and innovative guitars.

The V8 Kiesel Vader 8 string headless guitar is just another example of what Kiesel and Carvin are producing and it is quite an instrument!

As is the case with all Carvin Custom Shop Guitars you can build your instrument to reflect your own personal tastes, from choice of wood to neck profile and pickup options Kiesel and Carvin custom shop guitars are totally bespoke.  The V8 Kiesel Vader 8 string headless guitar body is made from alder but can be topped off with a number of exotic wood options.  The neck is made from Eastern Hardrock Maple and, because of the through body construction, has amazing sustain and tonal properties.  Topped with ebony the 24 fret fingerboard has mother of pearl inlays and has a comfortable 20″ radius.

V8 Kiesel Vader 8 string comes equipped with direct mount Kiesel K16 humbucking pickups.  The passive electronics consist of a master volume and master tone dials as well as a 5 way pick-up selector.  The Hipshot hardtail bridge with on-board tuners is fitted as standard and provides rock solid intonation.

If you are looking for an 8 string guitar that you can personally customise then the V8 Kiesel Vader 8 looks pretty amazing.  If you don’t want 8 strings then you can get the Vader in 6 or 7 string versions too.

For further details checkout the Kiesel site.


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