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Hemp guitars

The humble hemp plant has now proved its true worth by being used to make guitars!

If you are looking to make the ultimate rock statement then you could probably do a lot worse than take a look at hemp guitars.  That’s right, you read that correctly the crafty guitar luthiers at Canadian Hemp Guitars have been making the ultimate in hemp guitars since 2012.

Why use hemp to make a guitar?

Hemp is a very versatile material indeed.  Derived from the Cannabis plant hemp is the fibrous material taken from the stem of the plant and has been used to make rope, strong fabrics, paper and fibre board.  Well now to that long list of materials and products we can add the humble guitar.

Founded in 2012 by guitarists Boyd Pellow and Stewart Burrows Canadian Hemp Guitars use hemp as a core raw material in the manufacture of their guitars.  They argue that hemp has all the resonant qualities of traditional exotic hardwoods but is environmentally friendly as it is a sustainable raw material.

The guitars are manufactured with a solid basswood core, which provides a lot of the guitars sustain, the rest of the body is produced from hemp.  The hemp is pressed into blocks, known as hemp bast, and the top, sides and back of the guitar are cut from this hemp bast.  The neck of the guitars are made from the typical woods you would expect on a neck such as maple and rosewood.

There are three guitars in the range, the Northernlights, Soul Shine and the Lowryder and they all look to have taken a page out of the Les Paul design manual.  Armed with a 22 fret 25.5″ neck and Seymour Duncan humbuckers the guitars look the business and should certainly sound pretty good too.

So if you are looking to make a bit of a statement but don’t want to compromise on your sound or look then it might be worth paying the guys at Canadian Hemp Guitars a visit.

To find out more including full details of the guitars and how they sound it is worth paying a visit to Canadian Hemp Guitars.

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