Tony Macalpine Guitar Master Class exclusive to JamPlay

Tony Macalpine guitar master class

If you are a fan of Tony Macalpine’s amazing guitar playing you will be excited to hear about his new guitar master class which is exclusive to JamPlay.

If any of you are fans of the great man you will be as pleased as I was when I heard the news that there is a new Tony Macalpine Guitar master class exclusive to JamPlay, the online provider of guitar lessons.  The Tony Macalpine master class promises to demonstrate the secrets of Macalpine’s amazing guitar playing and who better to teach you than Tony Macalpine himself.

I have to admit that Tony Macalpine has to be one of my ultimate guitar heroes from the 80s.  In a career that has spanned 3 decades and twelve studio albums Macalpine has been at the forefront of guitar music.  His first studio album Edge of Insanity released in 1986 would rate as one of my top ten shred albums of all time.  Fusing elements of Jazz, progressive rock and classical music Macalpine has a unique sound which makes him one of the most versatile rock guitarist out there.

MacAlpine was highly influential in the neoclassical metal genre, becoming known for his instrumental rock style of playing that displays highly advanced shred techniques; one of his most oft-used techniques being ‘sweep tapping’, a variation of sweep picking.

As well as recording his own studio albums he has collaborated with a number of big name guitarist including Steve Vai and Vinnie Moore both in the studio and live.  If there is anyone you would like to teach you guitar it would have to be Tony Macalpine.

If you need an introduction to Tony Macalpine then check out the great video below of him and his band performing “Tears of Sahara”.

Back to the Tony Macalpine Guitar Master class.

As you know JamPlay is one of the biggest providers of online guitar lessons.  With over 475,000 happy students JamPlay has an excellent reputation for delivering high quality HD video lessons, backing tracks and fully downloadable tablature for each lesson.

JamPlay are also very good at obtaining the services of some of the biggest names in guitar music to teach us how to play guitar.  However, in a departure from their normal membership based service JamPlay have decided to offer stand alone master classes which you can purchase, download and keep.  The Tony Macalpine master class is one of these new stand alone courses.

What can you expect from the Tony Macalpine Guitar Master Class?

The course is titled “Tony Macalpine’s Signature Leads” and involves 30 lessons where Macalpine dissects 30 of his favourite motifs, lead lines and solos from his 30 year career.  Offered in 1080p video quality, Macalpine’s techniques are broken down into step by step easily digestible chunks.  Supplemented with guitar notation, full tabs and master PDF the course should prove to be a great way of learning Tony Macalpines unique guitar techniques.

If you are interested in the course JamPlay are hosting a free live master class with Tony Macalpine on the 21st of June and they are offering a limited time 25% discount from the listed price of the course.

To find out more about the Tony Macalpine Guitar Master class visit the JamPlay Site.

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