Tips for playing blues guitar

learn to play blues guitar

Learn to play blues guitar with the great Rob Chapman.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks for playing blues guitar then the great Rob Chapman is essential viewing.

Let’s face it blues is a the root of a lot of guitar music.  If you love rock or metal then having a knowledge of blues guitar will help.  At the root of blues music is the major and minor pentatonic scales.  Sounds impressive but don’t be daunted.  As the name suggests this is just a five note scale which is easy to pick up but incredibly versatile.

In this excellent video Rob takes us through some simple licks using the minor pentatonic blues scales.  If you want to learn more about the importance of the minor pentatonic scale to blues guitar playing then you can find out more by reading our article learn how to play the blues on guitar.  In the article we go through the minor pentatonic scale and provide diagrams of the various positions across the fret board.

Anyway back to the video.  In the video Rob takes us through some very simple blues licks based on the A minor pentatonic scale.  He makes it look easy, and it sounds very cool, but with a bit of practice it won’t take you long to pick this up and extend your playing repertoire on blues guitar.

If you enjoyed this video then check out Rob’s YouTube channel.  Rob is a guitarist based in Brighton in the UK and he is the founder and owner of Chapman Guitars, frontman and guitarist for the band Dorje and demonstrator for Andertons music.  His You Tube channel has over 480,000 subscribers and his videos have accumulated nearly 170 million views.  His teaching style is very entertaining and we are sure that the video above will give you a good grounding in the possibilities of the minor pentatonic scale.



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