St Vincent Signature Guitar designed for women.

St Vincent Signature Guitar

The Rock singer St Vincent has designed the St Vincent Signature Guitar specifically with the female form in mind.

St Vincent Signature Guitar designed for women.

The rock singer St Vincent has just released a guitar that has been designed with the female form in mind as it leaves “room for breasts”!  I would say that those are not my words but the words of St Vincent when describing some of the inspiration for the design of her new guitar.  The St Vincent Signature Guitar has been designed and built in collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man.

Talking to Guitar World magazine St Vincent said “I was always finding when I was playing on-stage and wearing various stage outfits the guitar would cut across one of the best features of the female body, which is your waist”.

She added “For me a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I am not a very big person”.

With that in mind she went about designing a guitar that fitted her size and playing style. After a number of design stages which resulted in 12 prototypes being built the finished article is the rather striking St Vincent Signature Guitar.

The guitar has a compact angular design which St Vincent argues leaves “room for a breast or two”.

St Vincent Signature Guitar

With its angular design and St Vincent blue finish the St Vincent Signature Guitar is a striking instrument!

Crafted in Ernie Ball Music Man’s San Luis Obispo factory the St Vincent Signature Guitar features an African Mahogany body and gunstock oil hand rubbed rosewood neck and 22 fret fingerboard.  The St Vincent Signature Guitar might be small in size but packs a punch in the sound department as it is loaded with 3 Di Marzio designed mini humbuckers which are accessed through a 5 way pick-up selector switch.  The tone and volume dials have a cool plectrum style design which really fits the angular design of the guitar.  The hardware of the guitar is completed by a Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo and Schaller locking tuners.   The guitar is finished in St Vincent blue with a white scratch plate although a black option is also available.

The St Vincent Signature Guitar by Ernie Ball Music Man goes on sale in the UK in March and will have an rrp of £1899.  For further details visit the Ernie Ball Music Man Website.


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