Soundbrenner Pulse drags the metronome into the 21st Century

SoundBrenner Pulse

Can the SoundBrenner Pulse kick the metronome into touch?

Can the cool looking Soundbrenner Pulse finally drag the metronome into the 21st Century?

For whom the tick tolls, to paraphrase rather poorly the Ernest Hemmingway novel, is an apt way of describing the humble metronome.  It is an essential piece of kit but hell the monotonous tick tock can really drive you up the wall.  But, as any guitar teacher will tell you, practicing with a beat really does make you into a better guitarist.

There are alternatives to the metronome.  A drummer for example is handy for keeping a beat but let’s face it they can often be more irritating than the metronome…

Only kidding, we all love a drummer!!!

You can use a drum machine, less irritating than a drummer, but can be quite costly and there is the hassle of setting it up and they are often not overly practical if you want a quick practice session.  No the humble metronome really does have some advantages but then we come back again to the monotonous tick tock.

It would therefore be really good if there was an alternative.  Fortunately there is now a device that pulls the metronome into the 21st Century – The SoundBrenner Pulse!

What is the SoundBrenner Pulse?

SoundBrenner Pulse

The SoundBrenner Pulse is a wearable metronome which uses vibrations to control the beat.

The SoundBrenner Pulse is a wearable piece of kit that produces silent vibrations that keep the beat but does not make any noise.  The beauty of the device is that rather than your ears listening to the beat of the metronome instead they can listen to the music that you are playing and your body actually feels the beat.

The SoundBrenner Pulse is about the shape of a watch and can be worn on your wrist, chest, ankle, arm in fact anywhere on your body where you can feel a vibration.  It is fitted with a high performance motor which generates the vibrations.  This is connected into a patented Haptic driver enabling the device to produce a distinct and controlled vibration for each beat.

The SoundBrenner Pulse is touch technology enabled.  Double tap the face of the SoundBreener Pulse and it will start a beat, double tap it again and it will stop.  By tapping three times you can change the beat making it faster or slower.  More precise control is achieved with the control wheel on the edge of the device.  Turning the wheel increases or decreases the beats per minute.

SoundBrenner Pulse App

These days everything has to have an app and so, yes, there is an app for the SoundBrenner Pulse.  If you are looking to create your own more complex rhythms then the app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play, is for you.  You can use the app to program your own beats and create whatever time register you want to play in.  Once you have created your time register you can store it in the app library for use later.

The whole design, look and feel of the SoundBrenner Pulse is impressive.  It really is an amazing tool which firmly kicks the humble metronome into touch.  If you are looking for a device that will help you keep time then the SoundBrenner Pulse is well worth a look.

You can see the Pulse in action in the video below.


To find out more about the Sound Brenner Pulse visit their website.

You can buy the SoundBrenner Pulse directly from Amazon.

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