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yvette youngWe always love to champion great, but perhaps lesser known, guitarists who are pushing the limits of the guitar.  That is why we liked the sound of Yvette Young so much when we first heard her and why she is our latest six string sensation.

Who is Yvette Young?

Yvette Young is a guitarist with a quite prodigious talent and is also the front person for US band Covet.  Born into a family with a strong background in classical music she started to learn to play the piano when she was 4 and the violin when she was 7.  She is therefore no slouch when it comes to understanding the finer points of music theory.  From an early grounding in music Young also turned out to be a very skilled artist.  In fact she was so good that she decided to further her passion for art and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Fine Arts degree.  As a very accomplished artist she often does the artwork for her musical projects and has also hand painted a couple of her guitars.

Although she completed an art degree, thankfully for us, music, and especially the guitar, is her passion and that is what she has developed as her full time career.

As a musician Yvette Young competed in a number of international competitions and toured with two orchestras.  But it was clear that her main passion was the guitar.  She started to post videos of her scintillating two handed tapping techniques and very quickly gained an appreciative audience for her playing.  Following this early video success Young released an EP, entitled Acoustics EP in 2014 followed this up with a second EP with Natalie Evans in 2015.  Finally her second EP, the rather aptly titled Acoustics EP 2 was released in June 2017.

What about the guitars?

Yvette Young plays and endorses Strandberg guitars and in particular their Boden-7 seven string guitar of which she has a custom version.

If you are interested in Yvette Youngs playing style then the video below demonstrates nicely her amazing two hand tapping techniques and compositional artistry.

If this has whetted your appetite for Yvette Young’s guitar playing then you will be interested to hear that she has teamed up with Jam Play to create a unique course.  In the course she reveals the secrets behind her technique and details exactly how she goes about creating her full sounding, melodic music.

To find out more about her course visit the Jam Play website.

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