Shen 10 string guitar by Giulio Negrini Guitars

Now I must admit that I am not too fussed by guitars with more than 6 strings.  This is probably because I struggle with just the six strings.  Give me any more than six and that’s it I’m done.  But I think that might all have changed since I saw the Shen 10 string guitar by Giulio Negrini Guitars!

Giulio Negrini Guitars have been on our radar for a little while now.  We have seen and shared a lot of their guitars on our Facebook page.  But we have never got round to featuring them on Top-Guitars.  But the Shen 10 string guitar is such an awesome instrument that we just had to do a feature.

Who are Guilio Negrini Guitars?

Giulio Negrini trained at the violin and bow making school in Gubbio Italy obtaining a master luthier’s degree in 2007.  But as an accomplished hard rock guitarist he transferred all his experience, knowledge and skills to crafting guitars.  And we are glad that he did!  Based out of his workshop in Stabio, Switzerland Guilio Negrini specialises in multistrings, extended range and fanned frets and has made over 160 instruments.

All of Negrini’s guitars are high spec and the finish and build quality are everything you would expect from a master craftsman.  But it is the Shen 10 string guitar that has really demonstrated the full extent of Negrini’s skill.

What can you expect from the Shen 10 String guitar?

For what is a big guitar the Shen is a thing of beauty.

The shape is purposely designed to allow the guitar to be played in a number of different positions.  From standing or sitting, it can even be played like a cello, it is perfectly balanced.  The ergonomic contours allow the headless neck to be easily accessed enabling the guitarist to reach the full range of the fretboard.

Focussing in on the detail of the fretboard you can see the attention that has gone into creating a playable guitar.  The set-in European flamed maple neck is topped off with a stunning Yin and Yang ebony/maple fretboard.  It is fan fretted 29.4″ to 22.5″, fretless on the high register of the bass strings and scalloped from 15th to 24th on the 5 high strings.  The neck has finally been custom shaped to allow the fretting hand easy access across the neck.

What Else?

The Shen 10 string guitar has a stunning European flamed maple body.   Of course the Shen can be custom finished to your own specification.  In terms of the hardware it comes fitted with Italian T4M headless bridges and locking nut set, custom made to fit the 10 strings.

In terms of pickups the Shen has humbuckers in the neck and bridge and a single coil in the middle.  The pickups are all custom wound by Guilio Negrini Guitars.

Finally the Shen is fitted with tone and volume controls, 5 way pickup selector and a kill switch.

It is a truly amazing guitar –

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To see the Shen 10 string guitar being put through its paces by Giulio Negrini check out the video below –

You can find out more about the Shen 10 string guitar and Giulio Negrini Guitars by visiting their website.

Giulio Negrini Guitars.

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