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Most of us, I am sure, will play some blues guitar.  It might be that you only do it occasionally but I am sure that you do.  Blues guitar is after all one of the foundation stones of modern guitar music.  But the trouble with blues is that it is all too easy to slip into playing the same thing over an over again.  Your blues guitar technique can get repetitive and stale.

Blues tunes share very similar chord progressions.  You know the typical blues rhythms that rely on the standard I – IV – V chord progressions.  Building a solo over this sort of chord progression can become a little formulaic.  Especially if you are like me and you’re stuck on using just the pentatonic scale based approach to your solos.

I know that by using this approach, I’m greatly limiting my creative potential!

It creates a stale approach to my guitar playing, which can get boring.  Despite my best efforts I still find myself slipping into bad habits.  The same tired old solo over the same tired old chord progression.  For me there is nothing worse than being stuck in a guitar “rut” playing the same thing over and over again.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way!

However, if you know how to apply a variety of relatively simple – yet still sophisticated – harmonic, melodic and improvisational approaches to “color” your playing, you’ll unleash an unlimited resource of soloing techniques.

You can go onto use this unlimited resource for crafting engaging, fresh, and distinctive solos.  The type of solos that you and your audience will never tire of hearing.

But the question is how do you acquire that unlimited resource to help improve your blues guitar technique?

Well with a new course from TrueFire it has just got significantly easier to tap into that unlimited resource.

In a new masterclass from blues guitarist Jack Ruch, you’ll learn some great new approaches for “coloring” your blues solos.  These techniques can be used over basic blues changes, sophisticated changes and even across various styles such as slow blues shuffles, gospel inspired changes, funky New Orleans style grooves, jazz-blues tunes, latin flavoured feels, sophisticated soul changes and lots more.

For each approach, the lesson first takes a deep dive into the harmonic information you need to know.  You will then be shown a number of versatile ways to create lines, licks, and embellishments that work well together in your solos. You’ll apply it all, over backing tracks, as you play your way through 10 soloing performance studies.

You will be able to explore minor and major pentatonic crossover points, chord-tone-focused approaches, diminished and other alterations for functioning dominants, go-to substitutions, superimposed arpeggios, harmonic minor applications, lydian dominant colors and many other approaches that you’ll be able to put to work immediately.

Let’s take a look at some of the lessons from the course.

As an example take a look at the following lesson from the course.  In this example Ruch takes us through diminished and functioning dominants.

Or this lesson on a more gospel style dominant fives chord progression.

The good thing about the lessons programme is that you get a lot of camera angles.  With multiple camera angles you can really see what is going on.  You can pause, rewind and even slow the video down by half if you need to see it played a bit slower.  This is a really brilliant feature if you are new to the guitar.

Blues guitar

You can pause, rewind and even slow down the speed of the video. Great features which really allow you to study how a piece of music is played!

Furthermore every lesson is notated in tablature.  The tabs are synced to the video so that you know exactly where you are in a song.


Extensive tablature and chord diagrams are provided. for every lesson.

You can’t stop yourself learning something!

In fact I think that it is pretty much impossible for you not to gain something from the lesson series.

I am more than confident that the “Shades of Blues” lesson series will take your blues guitar technique to another level.

So if you want to develop your blues guitar technique then grab your guitar and “color” your blues solos with Jack Ruch and the “Shades of Blues” course!  It is currently priced at $39.99 but, if you are quick you can use the code FEST33 and save 33% on the price.  The code is valid for this weekend only.

Check it out now by going to the TrueFire website.

To find out about TrueFire you can read our recent review – TrueFire – What is it and will it help your guitar playing?



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