Sankey Guitars Creates New “Blue Gene” Guitar

Sankey Guitars Blue gene

Take a look at the beautiful Blue Gene the new guitar from Sankey Guitars.

We love innovation in guitar design!  Innovative guitar design can inspire us guitarists to challenge what is possible with this amazing instrument.  And by challenging ourselves we can create some truly special music.  We were therefore really excited to see that Sankey Guitars have created something truly special with their new Blue Gene Guitar.

Who are Sankey Guitars?

We have been following Sankey Guitars for a while now.  Sankey Guitars is the brain child of Michael Sankey who creates custom built guitars which we think are best described as playable works of art.  For us Sankey is an artist who likes to experiment.  His guitars are designed, with the guitarist in mind, to be as playable and as usable as possible.  But functionality is not everything as within that ethos there is a firm rooting in the aesthetic of the instrument.

What about their new Blue Gene guitar?

Sankey Guitars Blue Gene

The split Ezi Pickup and wooden volume dial are beautifully minimalist.

The Blue Gene is the latest edition in Sankey Guitars Live Edge series.  Pared down to its essentials the Blue Gene is an ultra lightweight minimalist guitar with something interesting design features.

The one piece body is a beautifully sculpted and finished piece of Catalpa.  The body has been tinted with a custom indigo blend of Rubio Monocoat oil, giving it a beautiful finish and showing off nicely the wood.

The neck is a beautiful piece of black walnut topped with hop-hornbeam a wood perhaps not too familiar to many of us but is known for its hard and heavy characteristics.  An innovative feature of the neck is that it is fretless giving the Blue Gene a unique sound and feel.

The single split pickup is designed by Ezi Pickups and there is a beautifully crafted wooden volume dial giving the guitar a real minimalist feel and look.

Blue Gene features Sankey Guitars innovative Wrap-Lock Technology

Sankey Guitars Blue Gene

The Blue Gene features the unique Wrap-Lock system designed by Sankey Guitars.

The guitar itself is headless, a design that Sankey favours, and features the unique Wrap-Lock concept that Sankey created.  The innovative Wrap-Lock system was designed to improve on the current locking mechanism employed by other headless guitars.

Most other designers of headless guitars opt to have a locking headpiece mechanism.  Sankey wanted to do away with this system but not revert back to using double balled strings.  To solve the problem he created a locking mechanism that fitted inside the string carriage at the tuner.  By doing this Sankey could do away with the metal locking headpiece mechanism and instead have a simple string slot.  In this way changing the strings is a lot easier and a lot quicker.

We have to say that we have really fallen in love with the Blue Gene.  With this guitar Sankey Guitars have created a unique instrument that is a work of art.

To find out more about the Blue Gene or other guitars created by Sankey Guitars check out their website.


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