Rockburn Strat Guitar – good or bad?

rockburn strat

It won’t cost you much to rock out on this guitar but is the Rockburn Strat any good?

Is the Rockburn Strat style guitar any good?  Considering the price it is a question that really needs to be asked.

Rockburn are well known for making budget starter guitars for the new guitarist.  Whether it is a Les Paul or a Stratocaster Rockburn have copied them to capture the budding new guitarist just starting out on the road to rock stardom.  But are they any good?

The last thing a new guitarist wants is a guitar that is impossible to play, de-tunes when you look at it and sounds like rubbish.  There are many cheap starter guitars gathering dust in the corner of bedrooms simply because they were unplayable and the once enthusiastic owner just can’t bear to pick it up.  Choosing the right starter guitar is critical if you are going to stick with it so is it worth sticking with the Rockburn Strat?

What does the Rockburn Strat have to offer?

Well it is a Strat copy so no surprises it looks like a Strat.  The body is cut from the wood of choice for budget guitar manufacturers – basswood.  The bolt on neck is maple with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard and is comfortable to play.  There is the merest hint of fret buzz but considering this is a very cheap budget guitar it is nothing to worry about.  You would be strongly advised to buy a new set of decent strings as the ones on the guitar are not great.

The guitar comes with the standard strat three single coil pick-up configuration which can be accessed through a five way selector switch giving a full range of pick-up options.  Combine this with the master volume and two tone dials there is real scope to play around with the sound that you push out of this guitar.

The bridge is a vintage style strat tremolo which is fine for a little light whammy bar action but anything too excessive will de-tune the guitar.

Plugged in the guitar sounds fine, a nice clean tone and not too bad when you turn up the distortion.

I have to be honest the Rockburn Strat has surprised me.  This is a very cheap guitar but actually it was really quite good.  There are a couple of minor issues but the instrument I tried out was good.  It looked good, was nice to play and sounded fine too.  The Rockburn Strat is never going to set the world alight but as a cost effective way of getting started on the guitar it really isn’t that bad.  You can currently pick up the Rockburn Strat for under £70 through Amazon which is amazing value for money.  Alternatively you can buy it as a guitar starter pack which gives you the guitar a 10W practice amp and a whole load more for under £100.

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Rockburn Strat
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