Roadie Guitar Tuner

Roadie Guitar Tuner

The Roadie Guitar Tuner is the innovative new way to hassle free guitar tuning!

Back in the dim and distant past if you wanted to tune your guitar you would have to fumble around in your guitar case for a tuning fork.  We then progressed onto the electronic guitar tuner, which was a massive improvement, but hell we still had to use our hands to turn the tuning pegs.  Now with the Roadie Guitar Tuner the hassles of tuning are just a distant memory.

The Roadie Guitar Tuner is an innovative device from Seattle based Band Industries which has been designed to take all the hassle out of tuning your guitar.  Now for the pure blood such technological innovations will be instantly rejected.  But if you are like me anything that makes tuning less of a hassle is a good thing!

So what is so special about the Roadie Guitar Tuner?

The first thing to say is that it is effortlessly simple to use and looks pretty cool too.  The Roadie Guitar tuner fits onto your tuning pegs and automatically winds the strings to achieve the correct tuning.  The tuning process is controlled by a smartphone app which interfaces with the Roadie by Bluetooth.  Turn on the app, attach the roadie, strum the string and hey presto the Roadie tunes the string.  The tuning works by the device sensing the vibrations of the string and tuning accordingly.  However, in a noisy environment this can fall apart so for electric guitars there is an adaptor allowing you to plug straight into the tuner.

Roadie Guitar Tuner

Using the smart phone app you can select your tuning or create your own.

The good thing about the Roadie Guitar Tuner is that the app comes loaded with different tunings.  If you want to try out a different tuning then plug it in and the Roadie will automatically tune your guitar.  For me this is a brilliant feature as I only have one guitar and constantly re-tuning is a right royal pain in the butt.  But with the Roadie it was literally child’s play allowing me to quickly switch from standard E tuning to drop D in a very short time.  You can tune multiple stringed instruments including violin, mandolin or banjo.  However, at the moment there is no version available for the Bass which is a big shame.

Now as with any good thing there is a bit of a drawback with the Roadie and that is the price.  In the UK you can pick a Roadie up through Amazon for £79 which, sharp intake of breath, is a bit pricey.  However, there are some electronic tuners on the market that are a lot more expensive, which don’t have the same level of functionality.  Therefore if you consider the versatility of the Roadie and what it is doing for you £79 is not a bad price to pay.

You can see the Roadie Guitar Tuner in action in the video below.

To find out more about the Roadie Guitar Tuner you can visit their website.

If you like the look of the Roadie Guitar Tuner you can buy it now on Amazon.

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