Prohaszka Guitars – Unique, Playable Works of Art!

Prohaszka Guitars

Beautiful craftsmanship combined with cutting edge design features creates a truly unique guitar!

There are times when you look at a guitar and you feel that it should be hanging in a gallery as it is a pure work of art.  This is the feeling we got when we first clapped our eyes on the Calabash acoustic guitar from Prohaszka Guitars.  But it is not just the Calabash that is a work of art.  Every instrument that leaves Prohaszka is a statement on what a guitar should be, that is an experiment in art and function.

Who are Prohaszka Guitars?

Prohaszka Guitars

Just look at the quality of the craftsmanship on the sound hole for the Calabash guitar!

Hungarian Balazs Prohaszka is the creative genius behind Prohaszka Guitars.  Prohaszka was trained in Hungary in the art of making and renovating musical instruments, in particular stringed instruments.  As part of his training he learnt how to restore antique instruments and we would say that this exposure to classic antique instruments has defined his creative  style.  Despite being exposed to a wide range of instruments Prohaszka’s love of the guitar remained.  This love found him moving to Northern Ireland and the inspiring workshop of George Lowden of Lowden Guitars.  He then went onto redesign the acoustic guitar range for Zemaitis Guitars.  A spell traveling and consulting in guitar technology in the Far East preceded a return to Northern Ireland and Avalon Guitars.

Prohaszka has now taken his vast experience and creative genius to create his own guitars which bear his name.

What is special about Prohaszka Guitars?

Every guitar that Prohaszka creates is unique and designed for the individual.  He believes that every guitar must be built to the highest quality with no compromises on the tone woods used.  But most importantly the guitar must be built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and technical skill.  It goes without saying that this is the case for many guitar makers.  What sets Prohaszka aside from the majority is the sheer love that he pours into every guitar that he creates.

Unique design features!

Prohaszka offers two distinct construction methods.  The first is an adapted traditional approach – dovetail jointed necks, central sound holes and, in most cases, X-bracing specially adapted to the particular model shape.

However, the second option is one that delivers something a little more unique.  Over the years Prohaszka has experimented with construction techniques with the aim of creating the “perfect” guitar.  So if you want something a little different then Prohaszka offers his own unique double-side, solid lining construction.  This provides an extremely stiff frame for the instrument – an effective barrier for energy being dissipated beyond the top of the guitar.  This design feature, because of the stiffness of the frame, notably increases the projection and responsiveness of the soundboard delivering a richer tone and resonance.

Prohaszka Guitars also feature an innovative bolt-on neck system.  This is an adjustable and fully removable neck joint, which maximises contact and delivers increased sustain. Over the years Prohaszka has experimented with guitar shape and the sound that it delivers.

Some of his guitars, such as the Parlour model, with its highly unusual x-arrangement, uses a completely unique bracing system.  Prohaszka never designs just a bracing arrangement or just a guitar shape, he designs a guitar shape that works well with a particular bracing arrangement.

Prohaszka has also experimented with non-central sound holes finding that they work extremely well and can deliver a superior sound in terms of both tone and resonance.

All in all when you chose a Prohaszka Guitar you get something truly unique.  Just take a look at some of the amazing guitars in the slide show below:

Prohaszka GuitarsProhaszka GuitarsProhaszka GuitarsProhaszka GuitarsProhaszka Guitars

Obviously the combination of craftsmanship and cutting edge design does not come cheap.  But if you are looking for a guitar that is truly unique, designed to your requirements, sounds amazing and looks truly stunning then it is a price worth paying.  For us Prohaszka Guitars are truly Top Guitars and we don’t say that very often.

To find out more about Prohaszka Guitars check out their website.

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