Pre-wired Pick-ups from Bare Knuckle

pre-wired pick-ups from Bare Knuckle Pick-ups

Changing your pick-ups just got a lot easier with pre-wired pick-ups from Bare Knuckle Pick-ups

Changing pick-ups can be a difficult task but thanks to the guys at Bare knuckle pick-ups and the launch of their pre-wired pick-ups this task has just got a lot easier.

When you buy a guitar sometimes the pick-ups can a little underwhelming and not quite what you are after in terms of their tone and output. The easy option is to change your pick-ups but this is a little easier said than done if you are not too sharp with the soldering iron.

Thankfully if you are the owner of a Strat style guitar then you can now purchase pre-wired pick-ups in a strat pick-guard where the only soldering required is to attach a wire to the input jack.  Less hassle and a new set of pick-ups fitted in a matter of minutes.  What’s not to like about that!

Bare Knuckle pick-ups are a British company founded in 2003 by Tim Mills.  They specialise in hand wound electric guitar pick-ups produced using traditional techniques and high quality raw materials.  They must be doing something right because looking through their list of users it reads as a whose who of guitar legends from Dave Grohl to Noel Gallagher, Lenny Kravitz to Keith Merrow.

With the pre-wired pick-ups the idea is that you can select pick-ups from the Bare Knuckle range that meet your requirements.  The pick-ups will be wired into the pick-guard and this is then mailed to you so that you can solder the final wire to the input jack.  Once this is done it is then a simple case of screwing the pick-guard into place and away you go.

pre-wired pick-ups

You can choose a set of Bare Knuckle pick-ups and they will wire them into the pick-guard of your choice, like this vintage look pick-guard.

You have a choice of pick-guards from standard white pearloid to tortoiseshell and even aged pick-guards for that truly vintage look.  You can even opt for humbucker and 2 single coils if you want to go for the super charged strat.

For those of us who want to change our pick-ups for something a little different the idea of pre-wired pick-ups is a great one.  Combine that idea with a company that makes some really great sounding pick-ups and you are onto a winner in our humble opinion.

Visit the Bare Knuckle Pick-ups website to find out more about pre-wired pick-ups or the Bare Knuckle range of pickups.


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