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Ormsby Guitars

Just look at the finish on this Ormsby Custom Shop SX.

Here at Top-Guitars we love to cover guitar makers who are doing something a bit different or who are just out there making some great looking guitars.  This is certainly true of Ormsby Guitars, Australia’s premier solid body guitar manufacturer and in our opinion the countries single best export.

Ormsby Guitars is the brainchild of Perry Ormsby a carpenter who thankfully chose to use his prodigious talents for creating great guitars.  Ormsby started his working life as a carpenter but he found himself gravitating towards fine woodwork and so took up a cabinet making apprenticeship.

Once he had completed his apprenticeship he spent a number of years as a designer but this career move did not satisfy his creative passions.  However, as a keen guitarist it wasn’t a great leap to go from designing fine furniture to designing and building great guitars.  As a challenge he decided to build a guitar which highlighted his skills as a craftsman.  The guitar he created did just that.  The guitar had a single piece carved maple body with a carved back.  The laminated neck had a bound ebony fretboard which was inlaid with gold and silver mother of pearl.  It was a true expression of his skill as a craftsman but also his desire for what he wanted as a guitarist.

Designing and building that first guitar was the catalyst that made Ormsby rethink his life and decide to become a full time guitar luthier.  Within 18 months of taking the plunge the waiting list for his guitars had stretched to two years.  He was offered a number of lucrative positions as a master luthier with a number of big name manufacturers.  But he knew that he wanted to create his own range of guitars and Ormsby Guitars was born.

Not content with just designing great guitars Ormsby decided to create a totally new multi-scale system for his guitars.  I have never played a multi-scale guitar so I am no expert when it comes to the benefits but the fretboard set-up is fairly unique giving a guitar with amazing tone and excellent playability, once you get used to it that is.  For more details about the Ormsby Multi-scale design it is well worth checking out this description from Mixdown.

Ormsby Guitars

The Ormsby SX GTR Shark Limited edition shows the amazing attention to detail and quality of Ormsby Guitars.

With Ormsby Guitars you are only limited by what you can imagine you want from a guitar.  If you want the design done for you then Ormsby Guitars have the GTR Production range which are the first production made multi-scale and standard scale instrument range based on their custom shop designs such as the Hypemachine, SX, TX and Goliath.  Alternatively you can choose a Custom Shop model where you can pretty much ask for what you want and Ormsby will build it.  If you want to design your own guitar they even have a 3D guitar design app on their website where you can create the guitar of your dreams.  Head over to the Ormsby site and give it a go it is well worth a try, but be warned you will lose quite a few hours in blissful guitar design heaven.

Ultimately Ormsby Guitars are premium instruments and therefore command a premium price.  But the attention to detail, the build quality and the unique approach to guitar design puts Ormsby up there amongst the best guitar companies in the world.  If you can afford an Ormsby then you really should get yourself an Ormsby!

For more details visit the Ormsby Guitars site.

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