OD Guitars Announce the Launch of the Minerva

OD Guitars Minerva

Check out this beautiful headless guitar from OD Guitars.

One of our favourite guitar luthiers OD Guitars has just announced the latest addition to their family of guitars and we think it is an absolute beauty.

OD Guitars, the brainchild of design genius Omer Deutsch, decided they wanted to add another guitar to the existing range and struck on the idea that it was going to have to be a headless guitar.  Now we know that the headless guitar is a bit of a marmite thing for many, that is you either love them or hate them.  But for us this is a brave decision which has paid off because the finished guitar is jaw droppingly good!

It certainly was a difficult decision for Omer Deutsch.  He openly admits that he does not like headless guitars.  For a man who is all about form and function he states that he doesn’t like the look of headless guitars and the design compromises the sound; two major issues for  a designer of Omer’s pedigree.

So why design a headless guitar you may ask?  Well Omer puts it very simply – it was all about the challenge.  He wanted to take something that he inherently disliked and create something special.

The result is the Minerva, the first headless guitar that OD Guitars have added to the range.  The Minerva is the culmination of months of planning, designing and consulting with faithful OD users to reach the ultimate in headless guitars.  Named after Minerva the Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare the guitar has been designed to capture the benefits of a headless guitar but still retains the core identity of an OD Guitar.  For example the geometric cavities, the design feature synonymous with OD Guitars, are there and the aesthetic of the Minerva is unmistakably OD Guitars.

Like all OD Guitars the Minerva is a custom build, the core design is constant but you can choose various options to customise the guitar to your specific requirements.  This is why we love OD Guitars so much.  They don’t just build great guitars, they build great guitars specifically for you!  So if you want the Minerva in 6, 7 or 8 string format then that is possible.  If you want a particular bridge type or pickup combination that is not a problem.  In fact if you are after the ultimate headless guitar then we think you really need to speak to Omer.

To find out more about the Minerva from OD Guitars check out their website.


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