OD Guitars have added the Black Dahlia to their guitar range

Black Dahlia

We defy you not to fall in love with the awesome Black Dahlia from OD Guitars.

If you are a fan, and we certainly are, then you will be excited to hear that OD Guitars have added a beautiful new guitar to their production range.  The new guitar, dubbed the Black Dahlia, is based on the classic Les Paul but it is more than just a simple copy of the old master.

We first covered OD Guitars back in 2016.  Founded by Omer Deutsch OD Guitars produce some truly amazing looking, as well as sounding, guitars.  They continuously strive to innovate with every guitar they build; challenging both the designs and sounds that they can tease out of a piece of wood.

And that is why we are so excited by the new Black Dahlia!

The new LP design was inspired by a unique build that was created for an OD customer.  The dream guitar that the customer wanted was an LP style instrument but with some modern twists.

OD Guitars worked their magic and created a sleek all black LP style guitar that looked truly amazing.  The Black Dahlia is a lighter sleeker looking guitar when compared with its original inspiration.  It is a single cut carved top guitar with the trademark OD natural geometric designs on both the headstock and body.  As you might imagine this rather striking guitar sounds truly amazing and has won a huge number of admiring fans since OD Guitars first showed it off.  Well when you get so much positive feedback it would seem only right to add it as a full production model and allow everyone a chance of owning one.

If you need convincing over the charms of the guitar then check out the video of the Black Dahlia in action.

The OD Guitars Black Dahlia is coming soon so if you are interested then check out the OD Guitars website for further details.

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