New for 2021 – EVH 5150 series guitars

New for 2021 EVH Gear have re-engineered their EVH 5150 series guitars with two new standard and a deluxe model.

As you would expect from EVH Gear the 5150 series guitars have been engineered for speed, comfort and full throttle attitude.  The guitars are a cool blend of vintage features with cutting edge technology to give a totally exciting guitar experience.

What does the EVH 5150 series guitars have to offer?

The new 5150 series feature a modified Strat style basswood body with a deeper upper body curve.  The deluxe model, in contrast to the standard models, has a basswood body with a beautiful poplar burl wood top.

EVH 5150 Series Guitars

Comfortable and quick playing neck comes as standard.

The 5150 series has a bolt on graphite reinforced maple neck which has a comfortable modified “C” profile.  The neck has a hand rubbed satin urethane finish which is perfect.  The “C” profile, neck thickness (0.790” at the 3rd fret and 0.825” at the 12th Fret) and 12” – 16” compound radius all work together to give a quick and smooth playing experience across the neck.  With the standard models you can choose from a 100% maple 22 fret neck or a neck topped off with ebony.

The controls on the guitar are exactly what you would expect from the 5150 series.  But, the guys at EVH Gear have added a really cool new feature!

The pickups can be accessed through a three-way toggle switch and there are the usual tone and volume controls.  The volume is a low friction pot with treble bleed for those of us who love Van Halen volume swells.

The tone control is a useful high friction pot to prevent you changing your tone through inadvertently nudging the control.

Finally, there is a kill switch which allows you to mute your guitar by depressing the switch.  This is a great new feature that EVH gear have added to the 5150 series allowing you to create those rhythmic stutter effects that Van Halen achieved on songs like “You Really Got me”.

Two humbuckers for extra tonal versatility!

EVH 5150 Series Guitars

Fitted with two humbuckers for a more tonal options.

In terms of pickups the new 5150 series departs from the original single humbucker configuration.  EVH gear have instead armed the guitars with 2 EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbuckers.  The bridge pickup delivers a cool balance of punchy distortion with a sweet amount of sustain.  The neck pickup, in contrast is just an out an out beast with plenty of overdrive and sustain sufficient to pacify most metalheads.

In terms of the hardware the EVH 5150 series comes fitted with a EVH branded top-mount Floyd Rose bridge.  If you love your dive-bombs then this is the whang bar for you.  As you would expect from an EVH guitar the Floyd Rose features fine tuners for each string and the patented EVH D-Tuna.  If you have never experienced the D-Tuna before it allows you to switch effortlessly between drop-D and standard tuning.

Take a look at the video below to see the EVH 5150 series guitars in action.

All in all the new EVH 5150 series guitars are an excellent addition to the EVH stable.

To find out more about the guitars and where to find a dealer check out the EVH Gear website.

EVH Gear

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