Nemesis Green Planet Series by Zerberus Guitars

Over a number of years we have written about the sustainability of guitars.  If you have missed our posts then you can read – Is my guitar made from sustainable wood?.  After all the wood that the guitar has been made from is a precious resource.  We are always interested to learn about luthiers that are taking their environmental impact seriously.  That is why we were excited to see the Nemesis Green Planet series by Zerberus Guitars.

Who are Zerberus Guitars?

Zerberus Guitars was set-up by Frank Scheucher back in 2002.  Scheucher picked up his first guitar when he was just 7 and started building his first guitar when he was 13.  You could say that it was a fairly logical step to take the next step and build guitars that he could sell.  As far as I am concerned I am grateful that he did take that logical step.  Frank Scheucher builds truly beautiful guitars using a range of innovative materials which really stretch the capabilities of what is possible.

That is why the Nemesis green planet series is so exciting.

Should guitars be sustainable?

Apart from a few notable exceptions the majority of the world’s guitars are made from wood.  However, the woods that often give the best tone are also those that take the longest to grow.  Now we all know that mature forests have an important role to play in reducing the impact of climate change.  But by chopping down these mature forests to make our guitars the guitar industry is not helping.  The industry is therefore looking at their role in managing the supply of wood to try and prevent further decimation of these important ecosystems.

Most of the big names in the guitar world are looking closely at where their wood comes from and how sustainable it is.

But it is Zerberus Guitars who have taken this a step further.  And they have done so by looking at a totally renewable quick growing alternative – Bamboo!

What is the Nemesis Green Planet Series?

With their guitar, the Nemesis, Zerberus Guitars have really taken a bold step into designing a highly sustainable guitar.  Produced from bamboo the guitar looks amazing and really can claim to be green for the planet.

Let’s look at what you get with the Nemesis.

The body of the guitar is made from 30 mm bamboo strips which have been glued and then crafted into shape.  The top of the strat style body is absolutely stunning.  It is a mix of dark carbonized and natural coloured bamboo fibres glued under pressure.  With ergonomic contours and the contrast of the carbonized and natural fibres the look is organic, in keeping with the guitars environmental credentials.

The neck is bamboo, glued with “neck collar” reinforcement to the headstock.  The fretboard is also bamboo.  The dark carbonized fibres have been glued and set under pressure to produce a beautiful looking 24 fret neck.  Overall the scale length is 648 mm with a 14″ radius giving a beautiful playing experience.

In terms of pickups the Nemesis comes with two Kammerstein Quadrail humbuckers.  Both humbuckers can be split separately via push-pull potentiometer.  However, this can be customised to suit personal requirements.

As for hardware the machine heads are GraphTech Ratio Locking machine heads and the saddle is a GraphTech Black TUSQ.  Finally the bridge is a single rail string through body design.

Nemesis Blood red burstNemesis stormy sky blue burstNemesis Jungle Green burstNemesis black smoke burstNemesis Green Planet SeriesNemesis Green Planet Series

The Nemesis Green Planet Series – conclusion

If you are looking for a high spec, high quality guitar which has been finished to perfection then you will love the Nemesis.  If you are looking for a guitar that ticks all the right environmental and sustainability boxes then you will love the Nemesis.

In short we think, like us, that you will love the Nemesis!

Check out the video below to see the Nemesis being put through its paces…

For more details about the Nemesis Green Planet Series and other guitars by Zerberus check out their website.  Link below –

Zerberus Guitars




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