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Choosing a guitar, whether it is your first or fifth, is an onerous task.  So that got me thinking about what I would do if I needed help choosing a guitar.  Certainly I would check out guitar sites like Top Guitars to find ideas for the best instrument for me.

But what then?

I would perhaps read as many reviews of the guitars that I was interested in as I could.  Once I had read a few reviews I would then make a short list of the guitars I like and then go and try the guitars out.  Once I had tried the guitars I would do some research on-line on things such as price.  I think I would then be in a position to make a final decision as to whether to purchase a particular guitar or not.  However, if I go back to my first comment that I would read some on-line reviews the one problem with review sites is that generally you are only getting the opinion of the person who tested the guitar.

But does the opinion of one reviewer count for much when you are choosing a guitar?

choosing a guitar

Your opinion counts! (Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Certainly we have encountered a problem with single opinion review sites whilst writing reviews for Top Guitars.  A little while ago we wrote a review of the Ibanez JEM 505 Steve Vai signature guitar.  We stated in the review that the guitar was not quite what we would want but it was a good quality guitar with a lot of excellent features.  Not long after the review was published one of our readers commented that it was the worst guitar that they had ever purchased.  That sort of comment is exceedingly valuable because it shows that perhaps the build quality of this guitar is not particularly consistent.  But how can we improve this so that our readers get the best information available.  That is when we had our light bulb moment.

Rather than us reviewing guitars we will start to only post the instrument specification and you, our great readers, can then rate that guitar in a fair and scientific poll.  That way we can start to build a Top Guitars database of every guitar, all with ratings that other readers can use to weigh up which guitar best fits their aspirations.  We want to keep the rating process simple but welcome any opinions that you have to make it better.  So look out for the new Rate Guitar feature coming up on Top Guitars.

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