Morf Music – Street performing acoustic guitar legend!

Morf Music

Morf Music a unique talent on the acoustic guitar!

We continue our series on amazing acoustic guitarists with a focus on the street performing legend that is Morf Music.

We first witnessed the genius of this guy on YouTube and were blown away by the power of the sound and the energy of his performances.  But what also struck us was that he is truly a humble man.  As a street performer he would be used to some unwanted heckling.  Where many would try to shout down or ridicule the heckler Morf Music takes the approach of being polite and courteous at all times to everyone in his audience.  In our opinion that is a sign of a true star.

Morf Music has built quite a following both on the street and on-line for his unique approach to playing the guitar.  Combining finger tapping with percussive techniques he creates a mesmerising performance which enthrals audiences around the world.

Whilst performing Morf Music plays the acoustic on his lap allowing him to use numerous percussive techniques to literally beat the sound out of his guitar.  But unlike other acoustic street performers Morf Music integrates effects pedals to create impact by building the sound of his music to great affect.

But he is more than just a guitarist.  Using his voice as well as the percussive properties of his acoustic guitar to create a sound that is far beyond what you would expect one man could create.  To demonstrate what we mean it is well worth checking out the video below.  The video was shot in Berlin and features Morf Music playing “Driving Fast” an original composition written when he was performing in Australia.  It neatly demonstrates all the techniques Morf Music uses to create his unique sound.

To find out more about Morf Music and his unique approach to the acoustic guitar check out his You Tube channel it is well worth a look.

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