Millennium Falcon Guitar

millennium falcon guitar

Rock the Mos Eisley Cantina with the Millennium Falcon guitar!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a rebel star freighter, the Millennium Falcon, which could make point five past light-speed and could also play a mean tune!  If you like to play a shredding Han Solo on the old fretboard then it might be time to get yourself your own Millennium Falcon Guitar.  Where once it was a dream now, thanks to one man’s crusade to re-interpret the humble guitar, the Millennium Falcon guitar could be yours.  And I have to say it looks pretty good!

For some time there have been stories of guitarists converting old models of the Millennium Falcon into guitars.  These were bespoke, custom made guitars, produced from the old 1970s and 80s plastic toy versions of the Millennium Falcon.  But sadly due to the rarity of the models, and the fact that, not everyone would want to convert their beloved Millennium Falcon into a guitar, these instruments have been fairly rare.

Millennium Falcon guitar

The Millennium Falcon guitar has been given a Strat makeover.

However, now, thanks to Doni Latchford from Doni Custom Guitars, you too can be the proud owner of a Millennium Falcon guitar.  Doni has launched a custom range of guitars converted from the Millennium Falcon.  He has added a guitar neck, bridge and three single coil pick-ups to give a Stratocaster style Millennium Falcon guitar.  The addition of blue LED lights adds that little touch of sophistication to the set-up and really accelerates your guitar playing into hyper-drive.

Doni is so happy with his Millennium Falcon guitar conversion that he is now selling them via Etsy.  So if you are looking for a guitar that really has star quality then the Millennium Falcon guitar could be just the instrument for you.  For those of you looking for something with four strings Doni has also started to produce a bass guitar version.

For some this may well be the ultimate guitar, so if you want one then we suggest you check out Doni’s website and soon you too might be rocking away at the Mos Eisley Cantina!

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