Matsuda Deconstruction Guitar shows he is a Master of Guitar Design

Matsuda Deconstruction Guitar

The Matsuda Deconstruction Guitar combines cutting edge design with traditional wood working skills to create a thing of beauty.

The Matsuda Deconstruction Guitar demonstrates that innovative guitar design is alive and kicking.

For me really great guitar design should create a guitar that looks amazing but is playable.  The combination of great design and functionality is a difficult thing to get right.  The way that the various elements of the guitar are blended together so that they look as though they were meant to be is a skill that is rare.  But it is a skill that Matsuda, the master guitar luthier from Japan, has in spades.  With the Matsuda Deconstruction guitar he manages to combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge design to create a truly inspiring guitar.

Michihiro Matsuda was born in Nagoya and raised in Tokyo.  A desire to make great guitars meant a move to the United States where he graduated from the Robert Venn School of Lutherie in Phoenix, Arizona.  A period as apprentice to master luthier Ervin Somogyi was followed by studying guitar repair under renowned repairman Frank Ford of Gryphon Stringed Instruments.

Matsuda continues to work as a member of staff at Gryphon Stringed Instruments but he also now builds his own guitars from his studio in Oakland, California.

Blending traditional wood working skills with an eye catching innovative sense of design Matsuda creates some truly innovative and amazing looking guitars.  But he always has the guitarist at the heart of his designs.

We recently spotted the guitar that really demonstrates the skill of Matsuda as a guitar luthier.  The Matsuda Deconstruction is a work of genius.  Constructed from maple and spruce it has a fluidity which creates a dynamic looking instrument.

What does the Matsuda Deconstruction guitar sound like?  Well judge for yourself in the video below.

To find out more about Michihiro Matsuda it is well worth visiting his website.  It is well worth a look and highlights some of the amazing guitars that Matsuda has crafted.

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