Marshall MG15CFR Practice Amp

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”149″ identifier=”B005ODB3PO” locale=”UK” nw=”y” src=”” tag=”topguitars08-21″ width=”160″]You have the electric guitar but you now need an amp so that you and others can fully appreciate your musical talent.  For most bedroom guitarists a small practice amp is the best option providing, as they do, a great sound in a compact unit, they are also small enough that you won’t annoy the neighbours!  There are many practice amps on the market and Marshall, the world famous amp maker, produce a good selection.  The Marshall MG15CFR is just such an example of the practice amps that you can expect.  The Marshall MG15CFR certainly bears the famous name but does it have the sound to go with it?

The Marshall MG15CFR is a solid state practice amp in the MG range.  Of course you can get more and less powerful versions.  In fact you can get versions in 2, 10, 15, 30, 50 and 100 watts so more than enough choice if you are looking for a little bit more or less volume.  There are 3 versions in the MG15 range the CF is the basic amp offering clean and distorted channels as well as tone controls.  The CFR has a built in digital reverb and the CFX has a number of in-built digital effects.  For me the CF without the reverb is too basic and I like to have the option of putting reverb onto my guitar sound.  The CFX does provide some digital effects but I think that there are better options available.  Therefore the Marshall MG15CFR is a good all rounder.

What can you expect from the Marshall MG15CFR?

The Marshall MG15CFR is a solid state amp, that is it relies on transistor technology rather than valves.  So if you are looking for the classic valve crunch you are going to have to look elsewhere and also pay a lot more.  The amp controls on the Marshall MG15CFR are fairly simple.  There is a master volume dial and the distortion is controlled by a gain and volume dial.  If you want more distortion just turn up the gain but be careful to turn back the master volume so that you don’t deafen yourself.  The Marshall MG15CFR is certainly loud.  There are bass, middle and treble tone dials which certainly provide a good degree of versatility to experiment with your sound.  Finally there is the reverb dial which provides everything from a light echo to thicken your sound or enough echo to replicate playing in a concert hall.

So what is the playing experience like?

The Marshall MG15CFR has a great clean sound, but then transistor amps generally do.  It is the distorted sound which sets a good amp apart from the average.  In this regard the Marshall MG15CFR is good but not truly great.  The distortion is more crunchy than deep and growly which pushes it more into the metal market than the classic rock.  With low gain and low volume you get a good sound but push the gain up and the distortion becomes a bit fuzzy and “uncontrolled”.  However, considering the price that you pay for a bit of Marshall then I can live with that small criticism.

Check out the video below to see the Marshall MG15CFR in action.

So what do we think of the Marshall MG15CFR?

All in all the Marshall MG15CFR is not too bad, the clean channel is good and the distorted channel is serviceable.  This is a great value amp and well worth considering if you are looking for a small and lightweight practice amp that is well constructed.

If you like what you have seen and the sound that the Marshall MG15CFR produces then it can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on the button below.

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