Magic Instruments Guitar – Is This The Future?

Magic Instruments Guitar

With buttons on the neck instead of strings could the Magic Instruments Guitar be the future of the traditional six string?

Described as a new type of guitar that anyone can play the Magic Instruments Guitar has been attracting a lot of commentary and not all of it positive.  But Magic Instruments have some ringing endorsements from some big names in guitar music so is this the future for our beloved instrument.

The Magic Instruments Guitar is a re-interpretation of the traditional guitar.  The creators say that by taking a radical new approach to the design of the guitar they have created an instrument that can be played by anyone.  They state that within minutes you can play your favourite songs or be creating your own.

How have they done this miraculous task of taking all the effort out of learning to play the guitar?

The Magic Instruments Guitar is guitar shaped, there are strings but that is about as close to a traditional guitar as you will get.  Although the guitar has strings they do not extend to the neck of the guitar.  Instead where once there were strings there are now buttons to press!  To play the guitar you strum the stings and hold down the buttons on the neck and hey presto music is produced.  Connected with the ubiquitous mobile app and the creators say that it allows anyone to play music almost instantly.

Now this sounds a little bit gimmicky until you hear that Matthew Bellamy of Muse has endorsed the Magic Instruments Guitar.  He says “For people who don’t have the time to learn the guitar Magic Instruments is the ultimate shortcut – you’ll be strumming your favourite songs in minutes”.  He continues “For singers and non guitar playing musicians it is also a great tool for songwriting”.  Quite an endorsement!

The Magic Instruments Guitar seems to be getting the backing of investors too.  Magic Instruments have started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and so far have smashed their initial investment target.  With the aim of raising $50,000 they are currently invested to the tune of $284,240.

Maybe it is something to do with my age but I am not moved by this idea.  The guitar is an instrument which you have to learn to play.  That is why we can sit back and admire the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani and Eric Clapton.  These guitarists honed their skills through years of tireless dedication.  Would we be as moved if we realized that Eric Clapton had composed Layla minutes after picking up the instrument?  Perhaps not!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.  Is the Magic Instruments Guitar a good thing or an assault on the very name and reputation of the old six string.

To find out more you can visit the Magic Instruments website.


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