Lindo Rune Electric Guitar

Lindo Rune Guitar

The Lindo Rune Guitar is a no nonsense basic instrument, but don’t be fooled this is a really versatile and fun guitar to play.

Well the guys at Lindo have added another great looking guitar to their range.  However, you better act quickly if you like the look of the Lindo Rune guitar as it is going to be a limited run instrument.

Lindo are a British guitar company based in Bristol and they have quite literally taken the guitar scene by storm since they started back in 2003.  Their Lindo Dark Defender guitar has won numerous fans and is still the undisputed Top Guitar on this site and their cool looking acoustic guitars are also a firm favourite of our readers.  So we have no doubts that the Lindo Rune guitar will be another smash hit.

What do you get with the Lindo Rune guitar?

The Lindo Rune is, according to the guys at Lindo, a limited run short scale guitar, which takes a lot of its looks and styling from the Les Paul Junior.  However, don’t be fooled that is where the similarity ends.  The Lindo Rune has a basswood body with a single cutaway allowing easy access to the upper frets of the guitar.  The 22 fret neck is made from maple and has a high gloss finish for comfort and speed.  The key point about the Lindo Rune is that the neck has a shorter scale length at 24.75″ compared to the normal 25.5″.  The shorter scale length is ideal, if like me you don’t have big hands, as it means the stretch between frets is not so tough.  This also makes the Lindo Rune ideal for beginners as there is less tension on the strings across the neck making it easier to hold down chords and bend strings.  So if you are looking for a beginner guitar the Lindo Rune is well worth a look.

Lindo Rune Guitar

The build quality and finish of the Lindo Rune are first rate and what you would expect on a more expensive guitar.

The overall build quality of the Lindo Rune is fantastic, this guitar really does look good.  The body has an eye catching finish as the body top is a buckeye burl wood that has been inlayed with turquoise and is based around the concept of ancient rune stones and wood carvings.  The one thing that you can say about Lindo guitars is that they always strive for something a little bit different and the finish on this guitar is just that – a little bit different.  For some guitar companies trying something a little different doesn’t always work out but for Lindo they just seem to be able to get it right.  The Lindo Rune is a great looking guitar and looks a lot more expensive than the price point would suggest.

In terms of electrics the Lindo Rune is stripped down and basic.  This is a no nonsense guitar with a single humbucker and a single master volume control.  However, the Lindo Rune adds an extra level of versatility because the volume is a push/pull volume allowing you to coil split the humbucker turning it into a single coil.  This neat addition gives the Lindo Rune an extra dimension because you get the low growl and attack of the humbucker but the clean punchiness and clarity of a single coil.

As I said earlier Lindo just seem to be able to get it right with the guitars they produce.  The stated aim of the company is to blend innovation and creativity with functionality and value for money.  Well they have certainly met that aim with the Lindo Rune guitar.  At just under £250 you get a great looking guitar which plays well and sounds good.  With the shorter scale length this is an ideal guitar for those of you who, like me, have small hands or for the beginner guitarist.  Let’s hope that Lindo change there mind and make the Rune a permanent addition to their range of guitars!

To see the Rune in action check out the video below.

You can buy the Rune Guitar through Amazon by clicking on the link below.

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To find out more about Lindo guitars you can visit their website.

 Lindo Rune guitar
Lindo Rune Electric Guitar
BridgeString through body Tune-O-matic bridge.
Frets22 Jumbo frets
Scale length24.75"
Body Depth43 mm
Bridge pickupHumbucker
Controls1 volume push/pull coil tap control
HardwareAlloy black finish
Recommended retail price£249.99
If you love this guitar[easyazon_link identifier="B01I1P2VX4" locale="UK" nw="y" tag="topguitars08-21" cart="y" popups="n"]Buy the Lindo Rune Electric Guitar[/easyazon_link]
  • Build Quality
  • Playability
  • Sound Quality
  • Value for money
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