Lindo LDG-7 7 String Guitar

Lindo LDG-7 guitar

The Lindo LDG-7 is an amazing value seven string guitar.

Since we first wrote about the Lindo Dark Defender guitar this time last year it has gone onto be our most viewed and highly rated guitar.  Now with the Lindo LDG-7 7 string guitar could this Bristol based company have a new contender for the crown of top guitar.

As you may know Lindo are a guitar firm who seem to be able to produce good quality guitars at an affordable price.  They first came to my attention when I gave their Lindo Dark Defender guitar a test drive and was totally blown away at the looks, build quality and sound of the guitar.  Now they are back with an affordable seven string guitar which looks the business but the question is does it deliver.

First let me admit that I don’t entirely understand the desire to have more strings.  This is perhaps because I struggle enough with six without throwing in another one to complicate matters.  But their is a growing trend amongst guitar makers to add more strings and frets to cater for those guitarists who want to push the boundaries of what is achievable on the guitar.  The trouble is that these guitars come at a price and there really is not a lot out there at an affordable price.  So the Lindo LDG-7 7 string guitar could prove to be a real winner.

So what do you get with the Lindo LDG-7?

Lindo LDG-7 guitar

The Lindo LDG-7 has a wider neck to accommodate the seventh string but is still a comfortable neck to play.

The guitar body is cut from basswood and is finished in a great looking red paint job.  The body is quite chunky and the contouring is fairly minimal but that is not unsurprising on what is a budget guitar.  The bolt on neck is made from maple with a rosewood fretboard with the full two octave 24 frets.  The neck is obviously wider than a standard neck to accommodate that extra string but is still comfortable to play and easy to move up and down.  It would have been nice to have the cutaways contoured a bit to allow easier access to the upper frets but that is only a minor issue.

The bridge is a Floyd Rose style locking tremolo which is relatively stable and allows a reasonable level of whammy bar action without de-tuning the strings.

Lindo LDG-7 guitar

Two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose style locking tremolo give the Lindo LDG-7 a high spec feel but at a very affordable price.

In terms of electrics the Lindo LDG-7 comes fitted with two humbuckers which give a really full and deep tone and are actually quite good considering the price point of the instrument.  If you are looking for that progressive metal sound then certainly the two humbuckers fitted to this guitar hit the mark.  However, they are fairly versatile pickups and can produce a wide tonal range from Jazz to blues so if metal is not your thing don’t rule out this guitar.  The pick-ups can be accessed through a three way selector switch and there is a master volume and tone switch.  If you want a better idea of how the guitar sounds and handles then check out the video below.

So what do we think of the Lindo LDG-7 7 string guitar?

Generally this is a pretty good guitar for the money.  The build quality is good, the specification is reasonably high and the sound is extremely versatile.  Yes there are some minor issues and the subtle details that you would expect on a more polished, and therefore much more expensive guitar, are not there.  But when you take into account that this guitar won’t break the bank we think it’s not too shabby.  If you like the modern and progressive metal sound and you want to experiment with seven strings but don’t want to spend too much money then the Lindo LDG-7 is a good option.

You can currently buy the Lindo LDG-7 7 String Electric Guitar through Amazon for a shade under £160.

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