Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic Guitar

Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic guitarI have been wanting to try this guitar for quite sometime now and so was really pleased to be able to get my hands on the Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic Guitar.

Lindo started producing guitars in 2002 and since then their stated aim has been to bring the best looking guitars to market at great prices and we think that is exactly what they have done with the Lindo Dark Defender semi acoustic guitar.  The only thing we don’t like about it is the name but, don’t be put off that it is an exceedingly naff sounding name, this guitar is really very good!


Let’s look at what the guitar has to offer.

Lindo Dark Defender Semi acoustic guitar

The headstock of the Lindo Dark Defender gives the guitar a modern contemporary feel.

The first thing that struck us was the quality of the instrument.  Many more expensive guitars don’t offer such a professional level of build quality and as this is priced as an entry level guitar we were impressed.  This really is a very nice looking guitar.  The Lindo Dark Defender semi acoustic guitar is based on a Telecaster design but with a complete matt black paint job and the more aggressively pointed headstock this guitar has a more contemporary feel to it.  Some have said that they don’t like the matt black finish, and we can see that this might not appeal to everyone but I think this sets it apart from other guitars with the usual gloss paintwork finish.  Sadly, if you don’t like the paint job, Lindo do not offer an alternative finish, but then they wouldn’t be able to call it the Dark Defender!

Lindo Dark defender semi acoustic guitar

The Lindo Dark Defender has a 3 way pick-up selector and a master volume and tone controls.

The guitar body is made from willow and the electrics are two single coil soap bar pick-ups accessed through a three way selector switch.  There is a master and tone and volume knobs to give you full control of the sound output.  The three way selector switch allows you to select bridge or neck pick-ups or both together to give you a wide range of tonal options.  The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard fitted with 22 jumbo frets.

As it is a semi-acoustic guitar we tried it first without the aid of an amplifier and were pleasantly surprised by the tone that the guitar produced.  Perhaps not as punchy as some more expensive semi-acoustics but still more than acceptable.

Plugged into the amplifier the guitar played fantastically well producing some great tones both with the amp clean and distorted.  The neck is a pleasure to play and the scoop of the cut-away allows easier access to the higher frets.

You can see the Lindo Dark Destroyer in action in the video below.

To sum up, this is a great looking guitar which plays extremely well, whatever the setting.  If you are looking for a guitar which delivers value for money, is well built and really has great visual appeal then the Lindo Dark Defender is certainly worth considering.  By the way if you are considering the Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic guitar then perhaps the knowledge that it can be picked up for only £211.61 from Amazon by clicking on the link below.  This is a massive £138.38 saving on the RRP of £349.  For this price you also get a carry case and lead making it the ideal starter guitar package.

Lindo Matte Black Dark Defender Semi-Acoustic/Hollow Body Electric Guitar with Free Carry Case/Lead

 Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic guitar
Lindo Dark Defender Semi Acoustic Guitar
BodyWillow hollow body construction
Frets22 medium jumbo frets
Scale length648 mm / 25.5"
Bridge pickupPiezo electric Soap bar single coil
Neck pickupPiezo electric Soap bar single coil
Pickup switching3 way selector switch
Controls1 master volume and 1 tone control
Recommended retail price£349
If you love this guitarBuy now for £211.61

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