Learning Guitar Chords is not easy!

Learning guitar chords

Learning guitar chords can be fun, just ask Guitar Tricks!

Learning guitar chords is not easy especially if you are a novice on the guitar.

I have to admit it I am not very good with guitar chords, I guess that I am just a lazy learner.  I just didn’t have the patience, or the dexterity in my fingers to nail the various chords.  Add to this the fact that, when I started out, learning guitar chords was a pretty boring affair which involved buying a chord book and learning the various shapes on the fretboard.  So perhaps you can forgive me for being a bit of a chord-a-phobe.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for the novice guitarist today.  The internet has greatly improved the learning experience and means that you can access a whole lot of information for free which will greatly accelerate the rate at which you will learn and therefore progress on the guitar.  The other important fact is that it makes the learning process fun.  So chuck out those rather boring and formulaic chord books and embrace the modern age!

One such example of what the internet can offer is Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks is a company that offers interactive guitar lessons that are designed specifically to increase the ability of the learner as quickly as possible.  They provide a subscription service where you can learn to play the guitar in the presence of some very skilled teachers.  In fact Guitar Tricks is the biggest guitar learning site on the internet.  However, they also have a whole stack of free stuff which includes a fantastic new free chord shape learning tool.  If you want to learn the shape of a chord in any key anywhere on the fretboard then this is for you.  SO if you are struggling with learning guitar chords we can highly recommend clicking on the link below and accessing the Guitar Tricks learning guitar chords tool.

Access the Guitar Tricks free guitar chord charts.

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