Learn The Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar


If you are looking for a scale to learn that is going to open up your guitar playing to a number of musical genres such as Blues, Rock and Metal then the Minor Pentatonic scale is the one to learn.

Arguably the minor pentatonic scale is the most popular guitar scale in modern music. That makes it a really important guitar scale for you to learn regardless of what kind of music you play.  The pentatonic scale is, as the name suggests a scale made up of 5 notes.  The root note followed by the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th notes from the natural minor scale.

The minor pentatonic scale shape only has 2 notes per string so is an easy scale pattern for a novice to learn.  But if you become accomplished with playing the minor pentatonic scale you will quickly find that your riff and soloing vocabulary will improve significantly.

In the video lesson Nate Savage takes you through the minor pentatonic scale in G.  There is a handy fretboard scale diagram so you can see where to position your fingers.  However, if you want to see the scale in all positions up and down the fretboard you can check out our earlier article on learning how to play blues on the guitar.

Nate also takes you through some useful picking techniques to prevent you sound strings that you are not playing.  Finally there is a jam track that you can download.  You can use the jam track to practise the minor pentatonic scale and build up your technique.

This is a great lesson to follow if you are new to the guitar and looking to start to build your appreciation of the skills and techniques you need to start crafting your first guitar solos.

As always if you like the video and want to find out more from Nate Savage you can check out his You Tube Channel or visit his website at Guitarlessons.com.


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