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Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine had a tool box of guitar tricks which gave the band their distinctive sound!

I remember the first time I heard Rage Against the Machine.  The sound that Tom Morrello got out of his guitar had me totally slack jawed with amazement.  Undoubtedly some of the sounds came from a deep understanding of what could be achieved using an effects box.  But many of the sounds that he managed to squeeze out of his guitar were derived from the unique attributes of the instrument.

I have always loved the fact that with the electric guitar, if you are experimental in your approach, you can really coax some quirky sounds out of the instrument.  These quirky sounds can often act as a real point of interest in your music and lift what could be otherwise a boring tune or solo.  From harmonics, string rakes and pitch dives to experiments with electric drills and, rather infamously in the case of Dave Navaro from Jane’s Addiction, a vibrator, yes that kind of vibrator!

Guitarists have always experimented with the sonic capabilities of the guitar.  Some have experimented with the effects box, others have taken the properties of the pick-up or string dynamics to create great sounds.  Combine the two and you can truly create something unique as the video below from Guitar World demonstrates well.  The video is an interview with Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine and covers his equipment and techniques that he uses to create some of the sounds that have made his music and guitar playing so famous.

But for a novice guitarist it can be difficult to get started.  Where do you begin?  How do you create the sounds made famous by guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Tom Morello and John Petrucci?  Well thanks to Guitar World the pursuit of mastering guitar tricks is a little bit easier with a great new article.  Covering everything from simple techniques such as harmonics to more complicated bird song and koto like effects this is a great place to get started.  So if you are looking to learn some cool sounding guitar tricks then we can recommend the Sick Guitar Tricks article.

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