Learn to Play the Guitar with GTar

Learn to play the guitar with Gtar

The Gtar is a powerful new way of learning to play the guitar.

Let’s face it learning to play the guitar can be a tricky thing to do.  However, there are a number of tools out there to help smooth the process some of which we have reviewed such as Jamplay and Rocksmith.  But there is a great new learning tool that has been on the market which looks as though it could really help you learn and master the guitar.  This innovative new learning tool is rather creatively known as the Gtar from Incident Technologies.

What is the Gtar?

The idea behind the Gtar is fairly simple.  The Gtar is a guitar which uses coloured LEDs on the neck to help you put your fingers in the right place.  The multi touch LED fretboard defines where you put your fingers and also measures how well you are doing it.  There have been similar ideas along these lines before but the strength of the Gtar lies in the supporting learning material.  The claims made by Incident is that the system is so simple to follow that you will be playing songs in 15 minutes.

The Gtar has a smartphone docking port as it relies on smartphone based apps to provide all the tuition and you don’t need any other equipment so no amps, leads or effects pedals required which makes it the ideal tool for the new guitarist.

With the Gtar apps you can learn your favourite songs or hone some of the basic guitar skills.  You can create beats, melodies and rhythms without having any previous musical experience and you can even record what you have created.  With 150+ third party apps available as well the creative possibilities are truly limited only by you.


The great thing about the Gtar is that it looks, feels and plays like a real guitar.

For me the great thing about the Gtar is that it is constructed just like a real guitar.  Made from basswood and maple the Gtar looks and feels just like the real thing, in fact it is the real thing, so anything that you learn can be instantly transferred onto any other electric or acoustic guitar.

We think that the Gtar is a great learning tool which is ideally suited for the novice guitarist who wants to progress quickly.  Priced at just $399, around £245 the Gtar is also fantastic value for money.

For more details check out the Gtar website.

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