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blues turnaround licks

Learn to play blues turnaround licks with Michael “Hawkeye” Herman.

I have to admit that I love the blues.  In essence blues sits at the root of most modern guitar music.  Whether it is rock, pop or metal there is a blues root to much of what is played.  I think most guitarists would admit that we owe a lot of what we play to the early blues guitarists.  Therefore gaining a good understanding of this musical style will open up your guitar playing enabling you to add expression and style to your playing.

One thing to remember about blues is that it is not complicated to learn.  By learning a few chords, scales and licks you can quickly gain a good level of skill and accomplishment in playing the blues.  A good place to begin is to learn a few chords and then pull them together with blues turnaround licks.

One of the key aspects of blues music is the blues turnaround.  This is a good technique to have in your toolkit as a good selection of blues turnaround licks always adds interest to your playing, the musical icing on the cake so to speak.  But what are Blues turnaround licks?

Blues turnaround licks connect the music that you play.  So when you come to the end of one section in a blues tune you throw in a blues turnaround lick and it will take you into the next section.  It is a piece that holds a tune together and creates that point of interest.  Although based on simple chords and notes the blues turnaround licks that are commonly used really add interest into the music you play.

That is why we were really interested to see the following video on JamPlay (to find out more about JamPlay and what they offer visit their site).  The video is a short instructional on blues turnaround licks.  The lesson is taken by legendary blues guitarist Michael “Hawkeye” Herman.  If you haven’t heard of Hawkeye Herman he is a blues guitarist who has been playing and teaching for over 50 years.  This guys, who is inducted in the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame,  lives, breathes and bleeds the blues.  He is also quite a character so we are sure you will enjoy this lesson.  The video is shot in amazing HD and from multiple angles so you can actually see where to put your fingers.

If you like the video and want to find out more about JamPlay you can visit their site to learn more or sign up for a free account.

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