Josh Martin Explaining Glitch Tapping

I always keep my eyes open for interesting new tips or playing techniques and came across this great video on the Ibanez website which had Josh Martin explaining Glitch Tapping.

Josh Martin is the guitarist from Atlanta based progressive folk-rock band Little Tybee.

Now I am always amazed at the different two handed tapping techniques that people employ.  However, the glitch tapping that Josh Martin employs creates quite a different sound from the normal.  It is difficult to explain but it has a percussive chime like rhythm and sound which is quite hypnotic to both watch and listen to.

Josh explains that glitch tapping is not a new thing and involves hammering on multiple notes on the same fret.  He explains –

“I wanted to take this concept of tremolo, and take it away from its delicate connotations of classical guitar technique or the pedal that’s commonly associated with electric guitar and I wanted to make this rapid, mechanical style of tremolo”.

However you describe it the effect is interesting.

Take a look at the video below to get a feel for the glitch tapping technique.  We particularly enjoyed the appearance of a mystery guest 1 minute 15 seconds into the video.


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