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Relish Guitars

The rather cool looking Jane from Relish Guitars is a modern instrument with some neat technical features.

Trawling the internet, as I do, for all things guitar related I discovered the second best thing to come out of Switzerland since the Swiss Army Knife.  Ok it might well be the best.  The rather interestingly named Jane guitar from Relish Guitars is looking to challenge the traditional guitar concept with an innovative design and some pretty neat features.

Founded in 2010, by Pirmin Giger and Silvan Kung, Relish Guitars have developed what they call an E-guitar which has been positioned as the Apple iPhone of the guitar world.  This young guitar company are looking to unleash the Jane guitar and have attracted funding from the Swiss government and Venture Kick to support their endeavours.

Relish guitars

Made from three layers the body is constructed from aluminium sandwiched between two wood veneer layers.

There are three models in the series the Ashy Jane, Cherry Jane and Walnut Jane all cunningly named after the wood used in their manufacture.  However, the construction of the Jane Guitar is not what you would expect.  Rather than having a solid body Relish Guitars have designed the Jane with three layers.  The frame of the body is made from aluminium with wood forming the back and the front of the body.  Relish Guitars suggest that the combination of these materials, as well as the innovative design, has given the guitar an unbelievable warm and vibrant sound.

There are some rather neat features included on the Relish Guitars Jane guitar.  For example the guitar has a very minimalist look due to the fact that, rather than having an intrusive pick-up selector switch, the Jane has touch sensors instead.  The touch sensor system is hidden below the wooden veneer and LED lights indicate if the pick-up is switched on or off.

Armed with two humbuckers, a 24 fret neck and fixed bridge the guitar design is sleek and modern.  The natural finish of the guitars also helps to create a real organic feel which works nicely with the overall contemporary feel of the guitar.

Check out the video below to find out more about Relish Guitars or visit their website.

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