Is the Songsterr Guitar App any good?

Songsterr guitar app

The Songsterr guitar app, probably the best thing I have purchased for my guitar!

I was lucky enough to have received an Amazon Kindle Fire for Christmas.  I was messing about with it, as you do when you are trying to figure out what it can do, when I found the Songsterr Guitar App on the Amazon App Store.  Now I am the first to admit that I am a bit behind on the latest technology and so “apps” have largely passed me by but now that I have finally caught up a bit I am starting to explore what is on offer and think that this little app is well worth the money.

If like me you often find yourself trawling the internet trying to find guitar tablature for a particular song that you are struggling to figure out then the humble app has revolutionised things for us.  There are a number of guitar tab apps which provide tabs for any song that you can think of.  Some are free and some you have to pay for but undoubtedly my favourite is the Songsterr guitar app which, in my opinion, is a must have for any guitarist.

What is Songsterr?

The Songsterr guitar app is an archive of guitar tablature (it also caters for bass and drums) built and maintained by its users.  Much like Wikipedia or other open source software such as Libre Office anyone with internet access can submit new tab or edit existing tabs.  Fortunately the Songsterr guitar app software allows for easy reversal of mistakes and there are also experienced editors over-looking the entire process.  The tabs that I have checked out sound and look pretty accurate but there are over 90,000 songs to choose from so we haven’t checked them all!

Songsterr guitar app

Choose the song, instrument and playing speed allowing you to learn a song in detail at your own speed.

However, Songsterr is not just an amazing collection of tablature it also has some pretty neat features.  The Songsterr guitar app also helps you learn to play the song by acting as a tab player.  Hit the play button and the Songsterr guitar app player scrolls through the tab so that you can hear how the song sounds.  You can select the instrument you want to follow and it will play the sound of that guitar.  So if you want to learn the rhythm guitar from a particular song you can select that part and learn the tab.  You can slow down the tab player speed allowing you to focus in on a particular section of the song and really nail it on the guitar before restoring it to normal playing speed to jam along.

To put it simply I really have fallen in love with this app.  It is just so easy to use and so handy that for the £3.12 it cost me I can safely say it is probably one of the best things I have purchased for my guitar.

For further details or to purchase the Songsterr Guitar App visit the Amazon App Store.

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