Ibanez XG300 Glaive Electric Guitar

Ibanez are a company well known for producing top quality guitars at prices that are not too steep.  The Extreme or X series of guitars was designed by Ibanez in collaboration with numerous guitarists with the aim of creating the most extreme metal monster guitar that would become the instrument of choice for heavy metal musicians.  The Ibanez XG300 Glaive guitar is a great example of the type of instrument that fits into the Ibanez Extreme series.

The Ibanez XG300 Glaive looks like a guitar that BC Rich would have been happy to make.  It could be argued that with the Extreme Series that is exactly what Ibanez are looking to do.  Create guitars that will compete with BC Rich for the hearts and souls of the heavy metal guitarist.  It remains to be seen if they achieve this aim but with the Ibanez XG300 Glaive they have certainly pushed themselves into a new area of guitar design.

The body of the Ibanez XG300 Glaive is a solid piece of mahogany which has been hewn into what can only be described as an extreme body shape.  This will not be to the taste of everyone but I have to admit to quite liking it.  The bolt on neck is made from 3 pieces of maple and is topped with a 24 fret rosewood fretboard.  The neck has been designed with speed in mind so has a comfortable shallow profile and is a dream to play.  The whole design of the guitar is fairly minimal so as to not detract from its playability.  In this aim Ibanez have certainly succeeded.  This guitar even with its rather extreme shape is great to play and the shred heads amongst you will certainly warm to the Ibanez XG300 Glaive.

In terms of electrics and hardware the Ibanez XG300 Glaive is fitted with 2 CAP-LZ humbuckers which can be accessed through a 3 way selector switch.  The minimalist theme continues with this guitar as there is a solitary volume control which I should imagine will be glued into the maximum volume position.  The fixed bridge is a Full Tune III bridge perhaps positioning this guitar more as a rhythm guitarist’s instrument of choice.

So what does the Ibanez XG300 Glaive have to offer in terms of sound?  The CAP-LZ humbucking pickups are designed to deliver high-power sound while minimising noise even at high gain settings. They cover a wide range, with a strong, rich middle tone for fast and heavy rhythm and lead playing.  Both clean and distorted they perform well and the sound is great.  However, the CAP-LZ humbucker has really been designed for full throttle distortion and it is when played this way that they come into their own.  If you like your music loud and fast then the CAP-LZ humbuckers fitted on the Ibanez XG300 Glaive is a match made in heavy metal heaven.

The Ibanez XG300 Glaive is priced at £379 and for this price you get a really great guitar.  Well built with a great look the Ibanez XG300 Glaive plays really well and sounds even better.  If you are looking for an alternative to BC Rich then this might just be the guitar for you.

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 Ibanez XG300 Glaive Electric Guitar
Ibanez XG300 Glaive Electric Guitar
BridgeFull Tune III Bridge
Neck3 piece maple
Frets24 medium jumbo frets
Fretboard radius305 mm
Nut width43 mm
Scale length648 mm / 25.5"
Bridge pickupCAP-LZ Humbucker
Neck pickupCAP-LZ Humbucker
Pickup switching3 way selector switch
Controls1 master volume
HardwareCosmo Black
Recommended retail price£379
If you love this guitarBuy now from Gear 4 Music for £379

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