Ibanez RG421 MOL

Ibanez RG421

The Ibanez RG421 MOL is a budget guitar which oozes far more quality than guitars twice its price!

If you are looking for a guitar which is versatile, can really shred, has drop dead gorgeous looks and won’t break the bank then look no further than the Ibanez RG421 MOL.

The Ibanez RG421 MOL is a high performance guitar made for speed.  Cut from a beautiful piece of mahogany the profile of the body is slim with comfortable contouring making it light and a joy to play.  This is certainly a minimalist guitar in terms of design and styling with its natural oiled finish which, I have to say, really suits the guitar.  In my humble opinion the Ibanez RG421 looks better than many a guitar which would cost you significantly more and will certainly turn some heads.  So if you like to make a statement with the guitar you play then the RG421 MOL will certainly make that for you!

The Wizard III neck is made from 3 pieces of maple and has a thin, contoured profile making it a slick and quick neck to play.  The fretboard is rosewood with 24 jumbo frets and white dot inlays.  If you are into your fretboard antics then you will love this neck as it is designed for shredders.

The bridge of the Ibanez RG421 MOL is a fixed hardtail bridge providing rock solid intonation.  If you want a whammy bar and like pitch dives and other such whammy bar antics then the Ibanez RG421 is not the guitar for you.  But for me I am happy to forsake the whammy bar for the joy of not having to constantly retune whilst playing.

Ibanez RG421

The body of the Ibanez RG421 MOL is cut from Mahogany and has a simple, but beautiful oiled finish.

In terms of electrics the Ibanez RG421 comes armed with two Ibanez Quantum humbuckers.  These bad boys give you some great sounds from a crisp clean tone to chunky rhythm to screaming lead the Quantum humbuckers are exceedingly versatile.  My favourite is the bridge humbucker which has an amazing deep growl when the gain is cranked up.  You can access the pickups through a 5 way blade selector switch which provides you with some great pickup options and combinations.  The Ibanez RG421 also has master volume and tone dials giving you great control of the tonal output of this guitar.

In essence the Ibanez RG421 is a starter guitar.  However, that is to really understate the quality of this guitar.  If you want a economically priced guitar that is really going to stay with you throughout your playing career then the RG421 is the guitar for you.

Click on the link to find out more about the Ibanez RG421 MOL.

Ibanez RG421 MOL
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