Ibanez MTZ11 Multi Purpose Guitar Tool

multi purpose guitar tool

The Ibanez MTZ11 is a must have multi purpose guitar tool that should be in your gig bag!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished guitar luthier or just keen to set your guitar up properly having the correct tools for all the jobs that you may encounter is essential.  That is why having a good multi purpose guitar tool is a must have in any guitarists gig bag.

Whether it is replacing a broken string, loosening a locking nut or adjusting the truss rod on your guitar there are jobs that you may need to do on your guitar that require the correct tools.  For example many years ago I owned a Squier Strat with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo.  Unfortunately when I purchased the guitar it didn’t come with any tools and I had no tools of my own.  So when one of the strings broke I had no way of replacing it as I couldn’t undo the locking nut to fit the new string.  But being a resourceful chap I wasn’t prepared to admit defeat.  Therefore after a brief visit to my Dad’s tool kit I was armed with a whole range of Allen keys with which to set about the task of replacing the snapped string.  However, to my intense frustration I found that none of the Allen keys fitted the locking nut and I was no further forward in replacing the broken string.  Finally admitting defeat I paid a visit to my local guitar shop for assistance where the repair man whipped out his multi purpose guitar tool removed the locking nut and replaced the string in a matter of seconds.  I have to say that I was truly impressed and from that day on I have always had in my gig bag a multi purpose guitar tool which could be called upon quickly to get me effortlessly out of trouble.

Therefore my advice is to get one of these multi purpose guitar tools for your gig bag.

The Ibanez MTZ11 is a great value and excellent quality multi purpose guitar tool which I can highly recommend as I have one myself.  The guitar tool equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife it comes armed with everything that you would need to repair some of the most common problems that you could encounter.  The Ibanez MTZ11 as the name suggests has 11 tools in one handy device and includes:

  • 6 Allen Keys (1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm)
  • 1 x 7 mm tube spanner
  • 1 x 50 mm ruler (JIS standard)
  • 2 x Philips head screwdrivers
  • 1 x slot headed screwdriver

All the tools are made from heat treated S2 stainless steel and the whole multi purpose guitar tool comes in a neat chromed unit which is compact and fits neatly in your pocket.

This is a must have accessory for any guitarist keen to look after their guitar.  The Ibanez MTZ11 is the multi purpose guitar tool that should be in every guitarists gig bag.

Buy the Ibanez MTZ11 Multi Purpose Tool for Your Guitar

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