Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a good quality starter guitar then look no further than the Ibanez GSA60 electric guitar, it has all the hardware an aspiring guitarist needs and it looks damn fine too!

These days it seems that every guitar maker has an entry level range of guitars to tempt the new guitarist.  It just makes good business sense to do so.  After all many guitarists continue to buy the same model that they started out on, perhaps only upgrading to a more expensive model when they can.  So there is a good argument to suggest that if you hook the new guitarist with a good quality starter guitar then they are more likely to continue buying your guitars as they progress.  However, some companies are better than others but certainly with Ibanez you know that you are buying into a certain pedigree.

So what does the Ibanez GSA60 have to offer?

The first big advantage in our opinion is that the guitar is an Ibanez.  Let’s face it Ibanez have been endorsed by some of the most influential guitarists for decades.  The likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have been using Ibanez since the 1980s as their main guitars and they have not been tempted to try other makers.  So this should be seen as a ringing endorsement.  However, the big sell for us is the build quality that you can expect from Ibanez, there is simply no compromising whether it is an entry level or top of the range model.

So lets take a look at the GSA60 and what it has to offer.

First thing to note is that this is an extremely versatile superstrat style guitar.  From clean rhythm to crunchy blues and right up to screaming metal this guitar can hold its own.  The sleek contoured body is mahogany with generous cut-aways to allow easy access to the upper frets.  The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard.  The neck is easy to play and has a fast low action and is armed with 22 frets making it a comfortable play and not too challenging on the fingers.

The guitar has two single coil pickups in the neck and middle position and a humbucking pickup in the bridge position.  There is a five way selector switch allowing a full range of pickup selection and volume and tone controls.  The pickups are ok if a little bit lightweight with the humbucker lacking that satisfying growl that you would expect when fully distorted.  The GSA60 comes fitted with a SAT10 tremelo bridge, which can be a little temperamental and certainly doesn’t allow for wild sonic dives on the whammy bar but this is only a minor criticism.  The hardware is all chrome and the guitar comes in a black night or brown sunburst finish.

To sum up this is a great starter guitar, versatile enough to suit most tastes and very well put together.  Our only criticism is that the SAT10 tremolo bridge and the pickups are a little light-weight but for the price this is only a minor grumble.  A great starter guitar for the novice player.

 Ibanez GSA60 Electric Guitar
Ibanez GSA60 electric guitar
BridgeSAT10 Tremolo bridge
Frets22 medium frets
Fretboard radius400 mmR
Nut width42 mm
Scale length648 mm / 25.5"
Bridge pickupHumbucker PSND2
Middle pickupSingle coil PSNDS
Neck pickupSingle coil PSNDS
Pickup switching5 way selector switch
Controls1 master volume and 1 tone
Recommended retail price£222
If you love this guitarBuy now for £169

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