Ibanez GRG7221-BKN 7 string Guitar

Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar

The Ibanez GRG7221-BKN is an excellent value and top quality seven string guitar.

It seems that seven string guitars are the must have instrument.  If you are into that progressive metal sound then six strings just won’t do, but are there any good seven string guitars on the market for under £200.  The answer is yes and it comes in the shape of the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN 7 string guitar. Nowadays the new frontier of guitar design is more.  More strings, more frets the more you can get the better.  So there seems to be a plethora of seven string guitars out there and many of them command a fair price.  But if you are looking to move up and experiment with a seventh string then you don’t really want to fork out a load of money if you then find it is something that you just can’t get your fingers around.  So if you want to look at a quality seven string guitar that comes in with a price tag just under the £200 mark then you could do a lot worse than look at the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar. Ibanez have a quality name having produced some of the best guitars for some of the world’s greatest guitarists since the late 1950s.  In response to the demand for seven string guitars Ibanez have quickly released a number of instruments on the market and the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN is perhaps the entry level model.

So what can you expect from the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN? First off as you would expect the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN is a great looking guitar.  The guitar is part of the Ibanez GIO range which is the entry level range of Ibanez guitars.  Designed to be affordable but produced to the high quality standards that you would expect from Ibanez the GIO range has introduced a whole load of novice guitarists to the Ibanez name.  Ibanez hope that the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar will capture the market for guitarists looking for that extra string. The Ibanez GRG7221-BKN body is cut from Poplar and is nicely contoured with deep double cut-aways allowing great access to the upper frets.  The maple neck has a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard and is wide to accommodate the extra string.  That said it is a comfortable neck to play and you certainly won’t find it too much of a stretch to cover all seven strings with ease. In terms of pick-ups the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar has two Ibanez PSND-7 humbuckers giving this seven string guitar a great tonal range.  As you would expect this guitar is aimed at the progressive metal market but the sound that you can squeeze out of the guitar perhaps opens it up to a wider audience.  You can achieve a great clean sound or crank it up and the growling metal sound really leaps out of this guitar.  The pick-ups can be accessed through a 3 way selector switch and there is a master volume and tone controls.  To finish off the hardware is fairly no nonsense with standard Ibanez tuners and a fixed bridge. All in all the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN 7 string guitar is a good quality instrument.  Considering the price tag this is an excellent instrument which, if you are looking to broaden your horizons, is an excellent entry level seven string guitar.  If you want to give an extra string a go then you would be hard pressed to find a better quality seven string guitar than the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN. Click on the link to find out more about the Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar.

Ibanez GRG7221-BKN seven string guitar
BodyPoplar super-strat style
BridgeFixed bridge
NeckGRG Maple neck
Frets24 Jumbo frets
Nut width48 mm
Scale length648 mm (25.5")
Bridge pickupPSND-7 Humbucker
Neck pickupPSND-7 Humbucker
Pickup switching3 way pick-up selector switch
Controls1 volume and 1 tone control
Recommended retail price£199
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