How to use a loop pedal – Artistic looping for guitarists

We have written a few articles on loop pedals.  We have also reviewed some of the best loop pedals currently on the market.  But, up until now we haven’t written about how to use a loop pedal.

The thing is, over the years, loop pedals have become very popular.  Musicians such as Robert Fripp, KT Tunstall, David Torn, Tim Reynolds, Ed O’Brien, and Kurt Vile are just a few of the countless guitarists and singer-songwriters that have helped make the art of live looping so popular.

But it is Ed Sheeran who really thrust the loop pedal into the limelight.

I remember the controversy after he headlined the Glastonbury concert back in 2017.  During his performance the twitter-sphere went wild. There were claims that Sheeran was a fraud for singing along to a backing tape.  It garnered so much attention it hit the mainstream media.  It is not often that an effect pedal can gain global coverage overnight!  Sadly the next day Ed had to actually deny he was a fraud and explain his looping technique to quash the stories.

But it did highlight the value of the loop pedal.

Ed Sheeran’s 2017 Glastonbury performance did however highlight the value of the loop pedal.  The fact that one man could perform live with no other backing musicians is a powerful thing to have.  And this powerful thing is contained in a simple foot-pedal.

Whether you play just for yourself or perform live in front of audiences, learning how to create with a simple loop pedal is a game changer for any musician. This is especially true for guitarists who are able to create entire multi-part arrangements with percussive, rhythmic and melodic layers.

Is it easy to do?

The thing is that musicians like Ed Sheeran make it all look so easy.  And to be fair, in general it is very easy to use a loop pedal.  But to really get the full potential from the loop pedal takes a bit of skill.

So, how to use a loop pedal?

In essence it is a simple case of experimentation and practice.  That is the great thing about the loop pedal.  You can just experiment and all the time you are learning, both as a guitarist and a musician.  However, if you want a shortcut, if you want to quickly pick-up all the techniques that the likes of Sheeran, Fripp and Tunstall use then there is a course from TrueFire that will help.

Artistic Looping for guitar players.

In this great new course from TrueFire you will learn everything that you need to know.  From the gear that you need to how to build up your songs using the loop pedal the course has it all.

The course has been created and is taught by Carl Wockner an Australian guitarist and singer/songwriter.

It has been organized into six comprehensive sections. You start off with a detailed review of the different types of loop pedals as well as useful setup tips.  You are then shown how to create your first “seamless” loop, building percussion tracks with your guitar and voice.

From there, the course tackles layering and overdubbing approaches, multitrack looping, timing, live performance, and a lot more.

In the final section Carl performs six of his own songs, on his personal live looping rig, and then deconstructs the approach he uses in his own live performances.

Throughout the course, Carl will guide you through a series of six challenges to help get your looping skills up to speed and you’ll have all the usual TrueFire learning tools to work with as well.

In the video below Carl takes you through the process of building a two track loop using a Boss RC-30 loop station.

If you are wondering how to use the loop pedal then Artistic Looping for Guitar Players is the perfect course. By the end of it you will be amazed with the music you make.

The course is only $39.99 but if you hurry at the moment TrueFire are running a “Summertime Blues” sale and if you use the code SUMMER33 you will get 33% of the listed price.

Click on the link below to find out more –

Artistic Looping for Guitar Players.



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