Guitendo – What happens when you combine a Guitar with a Nintendo!

If you have ever been entertained by the online antics of guitar fanatic Rob Scallon you may enjoy his latest project the Guitendo.

Rob Scallon has gained a significant following on You Tube.  He has over 1.5 million subscribers and nearly 3.5 million views of his videos in the last 8 months.  From experimenting with creating manual delay with three guitars to recording on 100 year old equipment and playing metal on sitar and banjos Rob Scallon likes to push the frontiers of what is possible with stringed instruments.

However, for his latest project Rob asked Reverb, the online marketplace for musicians to buy and sell used, vintage and new music gear, to nominate something whacky for him to apply his unique talents to.  Thankfully the guys at Reverb came up with something special and also a little bit odd.

If you are a fan of guitars as well as a fan of games consoles then the idea of combining a guitar with a Nintendo console will be a match made in heaven.  For me I am not convinced, but that is not the point.

Rather surprisingly there is a company that produces just such a guitar which is, with a certain lack of inspiration, called the Guitendo!  The Guitendo is the brainchild of the Echo Canyon Guitar Company.

What can you expect from the Guitendo?

The Standard Guitendo is a six string electric guitar built around an original Nintendo NES games console.  The guitar comes with a fixed bridge, and the option of either a single humbucking or single coil pickup. The Guitendo is available in right or left-handed configuration and you can choose the color of the headstock and neck pocket. You can also choose the location of the controls and output jack.

The basic Guitendo is a fully functioning guitar but sadly the Nintendo is not functional.  However, if you want to play guitar while your mate plays Super Mario then you can ask Echo Canyon Guitar Company to include a working NES Classic Mini or Raspberry Pi inside the guitar.  The Guitendo starts at $449 plus shipping but the working Nintendo option is an additional cost which starts at $200 and includes all the cabling and controllers to connect to your HDMI TV or monitor.

You can check out Rob Scallon playing the Guitendo in the video below.

So what do you think?  Is the Guitendo a stroke of genius or a waste of time?  Let us know in the comments below we would love to hear your thoughts.

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