Learn to Play With a Guitar Legend

If you are a novice guitarist wanting to learn to play then, thanks to the internet and You Tube you can find yourself a plethora of guitar greats who will teach you to play.  It truly has never been easier to learn to play with a guitar legend.

When I first started to learn to play the guitar over 20 years ago my options were limited.  I could fork out £10 for a 1 hour lesson with the guy who owned the local guitar shop or buy one of the many teach yourself guitar books on offer.  Some of those books were cheap and cheerful whereas others I had to save up several weeks of my pitiful wage packet to buy.  So I tried both options and can say that I am reasonably happy with the results.  I am not the worlds greatest guitarist but I can hold a tune and strum along with some of my favourite songs.  However, nowadays the options have greatly improved for the novice guitarist.  The internet has opened up the guitar teaching market to a wider audience which has had the effect of greatly reducing the price that you have to pay to learn.  Like anything there are some not so good products out there on the market, and so it really is the case of buyer beware.  However, if you apply a bit of common sense before buying then there are some really great on-line teaching programs available.

However, if you are on a tight budget You Tube has a wide range of videos that provide a multitude of tips and techniques for a learning guitarist absolutely free.  Some of our favourites are those videos which feature guitar legends who offer you an insight into their playing style.  In essence you can learn to play with a guitar legend.  Here we go through some of the interesting ones that we have found and think are great for very different reasons.

First up is this short clip from the great Keith Richards.  He might be the lead axe man from the Rolling Stones but we think he might well have missed his vocation in life.  If you ever wanted to learn how to play the blues then Keith will show you how, in his own unique way!

If you fancy something a bit heavier then try this little lesson from Scott Ian of Anthrax fame.  In 2 minutes he will take you through how to play the riff to March of the SOD.

If you are looking for something a bit more fast and flashy then Richie Kotzen will take you through some of the licks that have made him famous as well as doing a good job of trying to sell his album.  Can’t say we blame him he has to pay the bills just like the rest of us.

As you can see from this quick selection of three You Tube videos the quality can vary.  But it just goes to show if you search hard enough you can find some great stuff and learn to play with a guitar legend.

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